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What is the best solution for heavy traffic? Magagawan pa ba ng solution?

I want to argue with people when it comes to this thing. At least, we are given a chance to express our thoughts/opinions for a better or enhance something what we think that needs improvement!

Try to come to think of it. Ang mga drivers ay halos pare-parehas ang nasa isip ng mga yan. For example: "Dito tayo dumaan sa kabila dahil iilan lang ang sasakyan doon" eh madami ding mga drivers na yun din ang iniisip na dun dumaan sa kabilang lugar hanggang sa maipon sila kaya traffic. Another example. "Agahan natin pagpunta sa Tagaytay sa Mother's day para hindi traffic" Madami ding mga drivers na yun din ang nasa isip na agahan pag-alis para hindi traffic. So it causes traffic! Ang pinapalabas ko dito, you cannot predict the traffic unless you use waze!

#1. Kapag ang sasakyan ay 10 years old or more na. Kung saan mo yan binili ay bibilhin din yan nila, 25% of its original price. For example Toyata Vios Automatic for 800k. Bibilhin din yan ng Toyota ang Vios mo for 200k! at sila na bahala.

#2. Dapat taasan ang presyo ng mga sasakyan na para sa mga taong mayayaman at above average lang ang makakabili. Bad idea na ang sasakyan ay madali mabili ng tao dahil araw-araw may mga tao bumibili ng sasakyan dito sa Pilipinas everyday. It causes heavy traffic!


  • - More alternate roads sana kahet ipadaan sana yung mga privately owned road for small cars only.
    - Old Cars should be banned in Metro Manila.
    - Office hours dapat flexible ang sched para hindi sabay sabay ang commuters pumasok.
    - Road Infrastructures s/b be done in a 24/7 operation para mabilis matapos. :)
    - No Parking, No Car Policy
    - Less Buses and Jeepneys within the metro.
    - More alternate pubs like subway rail system and ferry boat system
    - More training for traffic aides (meron sa p'que, may traffic aide nagkukumpas lang kamay sa gilid and sobrang traffic dun, as if may naitutulong yung pag waive ng kamay nya e wala namang intersection dun and everyday nya ginagawa..)
  • Gasgas na paksa na ito. Ang tanging lunas sa sikip ng traffic ay dagdagan ang sasakyang gumagamit ng riles! Dagdagan ang heavy at light rail commuter service. Nang sa ganoon mababawasan ang gumagamit ng kalsada.

    Maling-mali ang magdaragdag lang ng kalsada. Ang dinagdag na kalsada ay mapupuno rin dahil darami rin lang ang sasakyan!

  • badJayebadJaye PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    1. Lack of Mass Rail Transits.
    2. Our Buses, Jeepneys and UV Express system are chaotic. They have the same routes and don't have a schedules.

    Lets be honest, we all know what's the root cause but the people on government dont want to touch those Bus Companies... So I was happy that Digong said that they will remove the terminals in EDSA... I hope they revoke all the permits and assign each companies different routes. That way, they dont race with each other and overstay in the loading area.
  • NilsNils PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Dapat yung bibigyan ng lisensya eh may psych test. Bawal ang mainitin ang ulo, bawal ang mayayabang, bawal yung may tendency na hindi sumunod sa rules.
    Mababawasan ang traffic kung wala sa kalsada ang mga barubal na drivers na katulad ni Dickie na miski sya ang mali, sya pa mayabang dahil ilalabas nya ang kanyang chupapa is a general card.
  • F-A SoldierF-A Soldier PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    LOL I said this before I'll say it again: stop in always thinking of solution in terms of supply, think of the demand.

    You'll always run out of supply (it'll be a losing battle trying to 'keep up'), demand is what you need to curb. Everything stays constant, you'd just be making more of whatever "solution" if it's supply based since everything will just increase (ie population, cars, tourism, migrants etc) and by the time you "increased" supply (ie created more roads) you'd already back at square one.

    If supply based, it is only = short term solution. Even with "emergency powers" roads, policies/law, technology would could only be built as fast...(that's why I don't understand the need for emergency powers to expedite anything since allocation of funds is already set ie you're not going to change the money you already have UNLESS overnight you increase tax payment or other forms of revenues = make more money for the central govt. to finance ie yesterday, today and tomorrow and up to a year from now you were gonna borrow ANYWAY :glee:)

    Real long term solution is on the demand side.

    And I've said it over again and thank goodness this administration seems like they have the right idea: invest in the provinces = so they don't need to come to Manila for better life + better economic reality = smaller amount of children = fewer commuters in the future.

    Also better disaster response. Many of the people that moved to Manila = moved after a storm/natural disaster that devastated their region. If you watch the interview and there's a statistic in a book I've read, if you look at major disasters (more tragic than usual :glee:) = surge in the amount of migrants to NCR.

    Those people that live in cemeteries (like in North Cemetery) moved there after a storm in Samar/provinces during Marcos' time pa.


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