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[Network TEN] Australian Survivor

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Survivor AU* (also known by its much longer name Australian Survivor) have recently released its first promo for its upcoming third season (to air on the show's third network home since its 2002 series launch). On top of that, Insider Survivor has released a list of Aussie castaways as well as details for reboot.


Here's the first trailer released:


And here are this season's castaways battling out in the Pacific island nation of Samoa.


[CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]1) Bianca Anderson, 36 from Melbourne
Ocupation: Private Investigator

2) Brooke Jowett, 23 from Melbourne
Age: 23
Occupation: Sales Executive

3) Evan Jones, 30 from Melbourne
Occupation: Teacher

4) Kylie Evans, 37 from Melbourne
Occupation: Firefighter

5) Rohan Maclaren, 27 from Melbourne
Occupation: Model

6) Kate Campbell, 28 from Perth
Occupation: Banker/Financial Analyst

7) Katherine DuMont, 26 from Perth
Occupation: Partnerships and Brand Manager

8) Sue Clarke, 59 from Perth
Occupation: Former Customs Officer turned Personal Trainer

9) Name: Andrew Torrens, 28 from Brisbane
Occupation: Marketing Expert

10) Barry Lea, 43 from Cairns
Occupation: Former Professional Rugby Player

11) Craig I’Anson, 31 from Brisbane
Occupation: Recruitment Officer

12) Des Quilty, 59 from Brisbane
Occupation: Courier Driver

13) Elena Rowland, 33 from Brisbane
Occupation: Army Corporal

14) Felicity Egginton, 23 from the Gold Coast
Occupation: Bartender

15) Jennah-Louise Salkeld, 27 from the Gold Coast
Occupation: Law and Politics Graduate

16) Lee Carseldine, 41 from Brisbane
Occupation: Former Pro Cricketer

17) Connor Bethune, 22 from Canberra
Occupation: Law Student

18) Peter Fiegehen, 63 from Canberra
Occupation: Aircraft Accident Investigator

19) Tegan Haining, 33 from Sydney
Occupation: Personal Trainer

20) Kristie Bennett, 33 from Sydney
Occupation: Senior Account Executive

21) Phoebe Timmins, 27 from Sydney
Occupation: Criminal Cartel Lawyer

22) Sam Webb, 27 from Sydney
Occupation: Charity CEO

23) Matt Tarrant, 28 from Adelaide
Occupation: Magician

24) Nick Iadanza, 27 from Adelaide

As you can see by the list that we'll have a total of 24 cast members for this season. Insider Survivor also revealed that the season will last 55 days, and as is typical for most Australian reality shows, they will air multiple nights a week (no confirmation but it's been suggested that the show will air bi-weekly at the very least). According to rumors, the castaways will be split up in three teams of eight.

The show will be hosted by actor Jonathan LaPaglia, the star of UPN's Seven Days and the Emmy-award winning miniseries The Slap AU. Previous hosts of the series include Guy Leech and Rob Dickson.

Will it be "third time's the charm" for Survivor AU after failing to deliver in its first two outings in two other TV networks? Will the direct involvement of Mark Burnett's Castaway Productions be the lucky charm needed for it to succeed?

We will find out once the season finally starts airing later in the year.

For now, here's what the previous two seasons' respective intros looked like:
[video] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhLN7BxkEcQ[/video][/CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]

*Requested by DAKIN.

**Hopefully hindi mangyari rito ang nangyari sa The Big Adventure. :laugh:


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