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All About Admission to Ateneo

Hello! I'm a Senior High School student applying for Ateneo for SY 2017-2018. Just have a few questions!


Pretend my first 2 choices r Honors programs. I didn't make it to the top 15%, but I almost did. Like top 20%. Will they waitlist me or will they put me in my third choice?

I didn't qualify for 1st and 2nd choice, so now they r screening me for my 3rd choice. Will a person who put my third choice as their first choice, but has a lower grade/ACET score, be more prioritized?

Which one is the stronger candidate?

- Didn't get in first choice and second choice, but has a really good ACET grade
- Third choice COMTECH

- Good grades but Candidate 1's is better
- First choice is COMTECH

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