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Is it weird that at my age, 24, that I want to lose my virginity? I am thinking that I could lose it now so I can bear the pain now and learn how to do stuff at this point of my life. I've never liked a guy too much. Never liked a girl either but sex is such a mystery for me. I've been so curious about it since forever. I grew up without liking anyone from the opposite/same gender, except Coco Martin, lol, so I never had a reason to take care of myself. I eat anything, I don't do make up. All of my clothes are casual, all the time. I didn't have the motivation to "beautify" myself. Is that even a word? Hahaha I think that when I lose this one, I'll have something to look forward to and that I'll have that motivation to "compete". Hahahahah Anyways, your thoughts are appreciated.


  • MJR_advocateMJR_advocate PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    WTF is wrong with you?? You are not weird for wanting to lose something you should treasure and be proud of. That kind of thought is for commoners who suffer from low self-esteem and who think that a competition between "real women" exists and so must lose their virginity ASAP in order to compete against women of wisdom and gifts who had lost their virginity without regrets. :confused::bop:

    All of us commit mistake. I am no saint, I am a sinner, but I appreciate the virtue of decency, I appreciate rational thinking. You are not the only one in this world. Losing your virginity for the sake of joining the competition is a kind of irrational thinking. You can compete even without losing something. A real competition is not about losing something you should value, it's about gaining more.

    Someone close to me is still virgin at 30s. I know because she never had a BF and I have known her for decades already. She was considered by some as a loser, for not being one of "the girls" in town. She's getting married now, to a Brit doctor of her age who's madly in love with her and her career speaks louder than being tagged as loser (she's now a top executive of an international company). She said, he's worth waiting, and she was never wrong for her chosen path. :)

    Now it's your turn to create your own worth waiting story. Think carefully.
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