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New at work (been there for a week) and I wanna quit!

I have been with my new job stint for a week and im thinking of quitting. Not sure if this is just a new job jitters or im just really not a good fit for the job. I actually called in sick yesterday as I really wasn't feeling well.

Now im thinking of just sticking it up (because the pay is good and would want to learn new stuff) and see if this is just because im new with the company.

This isn't my first job (that's why I find it weird) and have worked overseas for years.

I dont know what to do now. UGH.


  • katze_schmusekatze_schmuse PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    You're on an adjustment period. Give it a try at least for a month. They say good habits are developed within 14 days .so if after a month you still are on an adjustment phase and you think you cant bear it anymore then that is a sign that you aren't fit for the job. Give yourself a chance to be out of the comfort zone once in a while.
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