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Hello, I can't seem to find a thread focused on Northern Europe Countries: Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark.

Any input mula sa ating fellow pexers would be nice. =)

Thank you!


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    Been only to Copenhagen, Denmark. And I find it lovely. I was lucky since I had 2 sunny days on my 3-day leg there. Sabi nung walking tour guide, it is not normal for them to see a smiling sun.

    Con: Sobrang mahal!!!! Kahit sa 7/11. You better get used to having hotdogs (which they are famous for) and kebabs if gusto mo makatipid. If u want to party, sa happy hour ng hostel mo ka na lang tumoma. In one of the bars sa city center, I was charged EUR19.00 for a shot of Jameson with coke.

    Pro: Ang gaganda ng mga tao. Kahit yung mga kahera sa 7/11 parang models. Architecture is a mix of Amsterdam and Rotterdam. The city is not too crowded to tourist save for Nayhvn. For me, Christiana is the best part of the city. It is more famous for its green light district (read: tolerated open consumption of weeds) but the creativity vibes of the place is just overwhelming. Think of The Shire inhabited with hippies. It is a freetown after all.
  • Too broad of a request.

    You can go to any of those (except Denmark) for the aurora borealis! :D
    They all specialise in seafood. Iceland serves whales, sharks and puffins -uhmm, yeah, this last bit is a bird hehe. Sweden has lots of caviars. Denmark is a top culinary destination -home to some of the world's best restaurants.

    All of these countries are pretty expensive to travel to and that's an opinion coming from someone living in an expensive city (London).

    I think Iceland is the easiest of the said countries to explore as they have one main circular road that goes around the island. Do not miss the blue lagoon and a golden circle tour. If budget allows, there's also a tour that lets you inside a volcano (https://insidethevolcano.com/). It's just so raw and beautiful! I would visit the country again in a heartbeat!

    I would love to go to go on a cruise of the Norwegian fjords during spring as I was told that seeing some of the snow that built up during the winter drop into the water is a sight to behold! I think Norway is for nature lovers. Lots of trekking if you're up for those sort of things. I wanna go to trolltunga.

    Sweden. Abba. Ikea. hehe I went there for a midsummer festival. It's fun getting all dressed up with matching wreath of flowers on your hair dancing around a maypole. <3 I've been hosted in this country so can't really say much about the cost here.

    I didn't really know what to expect with Denmark. The weather was horrendous when we went there. Having said that, it was February so that would partly explain it. :) Nyhavn is the iconic landmark of the city. Yung Little Mermaid statue lang talaga ang gusto kong makita dun. hehe
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