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Need help on applying papers to enter college.

Dear mates,

Im an expat who works at makati and eager to go back to college.
I need some college advisors to prepare and transcript papers and which nearby college to go.
Im 31 years old and interested in taking psychology subject.
I was graduated from Malaysia high school and attended 1.5 half years in university there but did not graduated.
Feel regret and wish to go back to college.
Would appreciate if members here can help or introduce me to any college advisors.

[email protected]


  • DanielLee5DanielLee5 PEx Rookie ⭐
    Oh just have the same issue at the moment :(
  • I can agree with jessback, admission essay is extremely important. That's why I would recommend you to ask specialists like Supreme essay guys. I've never heard about the service Jessback has mentioned above. But I know that Supreme essay srevice is a reliable one. So you can give them a try.
  • I personally use another online writing service which is also good in comparison with the stated above. check out Prime Writing and share with your results later. Wish you luck!
  • Well, I want to share my experience as well.
    I had to do a research in history last year. I love the subject and researching process.
    But I did not have much experience in that and always had a lot of questions and no answers.
    So I used writer-elite as my writing guide. Followed the tips from their blog and was lucky to finish my paper in time.
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