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PExVC League 2016 (9 July - 6 August 2016)

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5 teams. 1 crown. Who will prevail? :naughty:


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    The inaugural PinoyExchange Volleyball Club (PExVC) League is a month long friendly volleyball tournament founded for PinoyExchange regular members divided into five teams.

    The first 3 weeks of the tournament will be a series of double round robin matches involving all 5 participating teams.
    All elimination round matches will be a single set format (21 points per set). Each team will have 8 matches per week, for a total of 24 single set matches.

    The accumulated standings in the 3 weeks of elimination will determine the official ranking for the semifinals.

    The 4th week of the league will be reserved for the Knockout round and semifinals. In case of a tie in the standings, the ratio of won points and lost points will break the tie.

    Seed 4 and 5 will figure in a Knockout match played in a Best-of-5-sets format (25 points per set and a race to 15 in case of a 5th set). The winner of this match will face the 1st seeded team.

    Seed 1 and 2 will have a twice to beat advantage. Seed 1 will face the winner of the Knockout match, while Seed 2 will face the Seed 3. Game one of both crossover semifinals will be played in a Best-of-5-sets format (25 points per set and a race to 15 in case of a 5th set). In case of a Game 2, it will be played in a Best-of-3-sets format (25 points per set and a race to 15 in case of a 3rd set).

    The winners of the semifinal pairings will advance to the finals, while the losers will face in the bronze medal match. The loser of the knockout match will be eliminated.

    Finals and bronze matches will also follow a best of 5 format same as the semifinals.

    Rank 5 will battle it out with a guest team in a best of 3 format.

    The PExVC League will run for the five (5) weekends of July 2016. The round format mentioned in the tournament format will be followed.

    Each weekend schedule will run for a minimum of six (6) hours depending on how the scheduled matches last. In case of excess minutes/hours of play, this will be allocated for free play.

    All scheduled games in a week will always feature all five teams.

    Due to the known unavailability of the Meralco Gym in Pasig City, the St. Mary’s of the Woods School Gym in Makati will be the default venue for all tournament games, unless otherwise announced.

    All payments made for a specific game week will only cover the court fees no more than 150 Pesos per head (depending on hours covered).
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    PExVC League is exclusive to the regular members of the PEx Volleyball Club divided into the five (5) founding member teams: BLACK Astrons, BLUE Royal Bandits, RED Predators, WHITE Crusaders and YELLOW Hawks.

    All players assigned and drafted prior to the tournament will compose the lineup of each team.

    Teams must secure their participation by June 17, 2016.

    All participating members must have a valid PEx Username. Captains must first check if all of their players are registered to the main PinoyExchange Forum.

    Must be of good character. Note that during the duration of the league, all members shall represent a brand name.
    Must have at least 10 posts in PinoyExchange. (Any forum)

    LINE- UP
    Each team are allowed to submit a lineup consists of not more than 12 players.

    Not all players are required to play per week. Though it is encourage to utilize the line up in a just and fair manner for all the members.

    A designated captain must represent the team in all PExVC related discussion with the organizing group.
    No guest player is allowed during the run of the league.

    All teams must secure and wear an originally designed uniform in all scheduled games during the course of the tournament. Any member present will not be allowed to be field in when not in uniform.

    The uniform must strictly contain the following contents: PinoyExchange.com logo, PExVC logo, member jersey numbers and member name. It is the discretion of the team how these items will be placed in their uniform as long as everything is included and legible/decipherable.

    Uniforms must be designed using only the official team color and an optional secondary color that can be decided by the team.

    Member names in the uniform can either be, but not all, the member’s last name, nickname, PEx username or anything that can identify each member.

    The designs of each team’s uniform must be submitted to the PExVC committee on or before June 15, 2016 for inspection.
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    Official FIVB volleyball rules and regulations shall apply in all games.

    Default time for the matches: 10 minutes in all elimination round matches, 15 minutes for playoff matches.

    Officials during eliminations and semifinal matches will be a team at rest. It should include: One (1) first referee, one (1) second referee, one (1) scorer and four (4) linesmen. Each captain shall submit a recommended member for each position with the most knowledge on the tasks at hand.

    For indoor volleyball, there are 11-12 players per team, and 6 substitutions is the maximum number permitted per set. One or more players can be simultaneously substituted.

    Two technical timeouts with thirty (30) seconds each shall be allotted per elimination match: One when one team reaches 7 points, and another on the 14th point. The same TTO shall apply on the playoff matches, however it will happen on the 8th and 16th points. No personal timeouts shall be allowed.

    Team liberos shall have indicators like a headwear that is recognized by the committee. This is to identify the libero inside and proper entrance and exit can be monitored.

    All members present in a game day shall at least play three (3) full sets in order to utilize each team’s lineup. This shall be monitored as well.

    The following individual awardees shall be recognized after the tournament:

    BEST SCORER - player with the highest average points (pts/set)
    BEST ATTACKER - player with the highest percentage of attacks: [(successful attacks-faults)/attack attempts] (%)
    BEST BLOCKER - player with the highest average blocks (blks/set)
    BEST SERVER - player with the highest average of aces (aces/set)
    BEST DIGGER - player with the highest average of excellent digs (digs/set)
    BEST SETTER - player with the highest average of excellent sets (exc. sets/set)
    BEST RECEIVER - player with the highest percentage on reception: [excellent (receives-faults)/attempts] (%)
    Season Most Valuable Player (MVP) - player with the highest Statistical Points in all skills (SPs)
    Finals Most Valuable Player (MVP) - best performing player in the Finals series (to be voted upon by the noncompeting captains)

    The prizes of all individual and group awardees shall be announced once available. Other special awards will be given and announced on the day of awarding.
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    All armors are battle tested. But only one of these can win the war! ‪#‎PExVC2016‬ Bursting! ‪#‎UnangPutok‬

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    Congratulations to all! :)
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    Knockout:(4) Yellow Hawks vs. (5) Red Predators


    Semifinals 1: (2) Black Astrons vs. (3) White Crusaders


    Semifinals 2: (1) Blue Royal Bandits vs. (5) Red Predators

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    Semifinals 1a: (2) Black Astrons vs. (3) White Crusaders


    Bronze Medal Match: (2) Black Astrons vs. (5) Red Predators


    Gold Medal Match: (1) Blue Royal Bandits vs. (3) White Crusaders

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    Most Improved Player - hombob (Hawks)
    Silent Operator of the Season - dranreb (Predators)
    Game Changer of the Season - dudung123 (Crusaders)
    Meralco Energy Player - XtianTolentino (Crusaders)
    Ate of PexVC - dodley07 (Bandits)
    Versa Player Award - rinxsinx (Predators)
    Maica Morada Award - mandyrigma (Crusaders)
    Rivalry of the Season - Juddlucky and Mandyrigma
    Referee of the Season - mandyrigma (Crusaders)
    Clown of PExVC - lanzd (Bandits)
    Best in Uniform - Newbie_101 (Astrons)
    PExVC Party Animal - Newbie_101 (Astrons)
    Face of PExVC - Jhugo (Astrons)
    PExVC Sweethearts - #RinxLey love love!
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    Best Scorer: XtianTolentino (Crusaders)
    Best Attacker: dranred (Predators)
    Best Blocker: erickdelrey (Astrons)
    Best Server: mandyrigma (Crusaders)
    Best Setter: mandyrigma (Crusaders)
    Best Defensive Player: rikoh (Astrons)

    Season Most Valuable Player: jhugo (Astrons)
    Finals Most Valuable Player: lextr (Bandits)
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