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cooking app for beginners

Sidechef is a cooking app allows you to learn cooking step by step following the introduction of chefs and bloggers by pictures and videos. What is worth mentioning is that all the food photos in this app is of high quality and looks delicious, which inspire you a lot if you are a beginner of cooking. Sidechef also provides you several collections of recipes like top 20 trendin grecipes, 30 make-ahead maeals, 30 minutes or less, cook with beers, etc. Except for this collections, it particularly divided its recipes into Quick&Easy, Mains, Sides, Desserts and Drink, making it convenient to find the food you want to cook in different ways. When you are scanning these collections or recipes, you can click the heart bottom to favor it or add them to your cookbook.

Another features make Sidechef special from other cooking app is that it is a community consisit of chefs and bloggers who good at cooking and learners who are interested in cooking. You can find a special bottom called “find friends”, which is provided for you to find those chefs and bloggers pages in the app and see what recipes have they uploaded. If you the cooking style of one of them, just follow them like what you do on the facebook or twitter then you can get reminded when they update their recipes. You yourself can also update your recipes and build your own collections. Everything is just similar with using a blog or social app but one thing is different: you should upload recipes strictly follow their requirements unless your performance won’t be displayed on the app. I think it will not be an interruption because users also expect that only high quality recipes be showed on the app to ensure their learning experiences. Letting bloggers,chefs and users joining in creating recipes makes it a much more open place and benefit itself a lot on the richness of contents in the app.

More information about this great cooking app for beginner can be seen in this blog. http://www.mobileappsbar.com/best-cooking-app-for-beginners.html


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