B5- a cure for acne?

i heard that B5 is effective in getting rid of acne. even the ones with very severe acne got clear skin because of this. according to them, B5 is much better than accutane because they didn't experience any side effects. B5 users, however, take very high dosages several times a day (10g maximum). is this actually safe? i'm on diane35 now which works great but i still get occassional breakouts. i'm wondering if its ok to take B5 with diane35.

i dont want to ask a derma about this because the dermas i've visited seem to be more interested in making money than clearing up my skin. benta lang sila ng benta ng medicines nila na wala masyado effect sa skin ko. diane35 lang pala nakabawas sa pimples ko!


  • niDoniDo ...got milk?! PExer
    ...actually it's not b5..it's b3-pantothenic acid :)
  • IraIra Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    There are a lot of people who seem to like its effects on their skin. However, some researches have pointed out that those who benefit from B5 intake are those who are B5 deficient in the first place, and that if you're not deficient in B5, this may not necessarily work for you. Anyway, it's a non-toxic supplement, so if you want to take it, go ahead. A caution though on taking high-dose vitamins: While it seems to be nontoxic, there is no point on being stupid about it.
  • niDoniDo ...got milk?! PExer
    Originally posted by niDo
    ...actually it's not b5..it's b3-pantothenic acid :)
    ...oopsss..my mistake..B5 is pantothenic acid & not B3 :)

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