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How do Gym Goers Earn Money?

I'm really just curious... A lot of times kasi when I go to the gym, I encounter guys that have defined biceps/body that seems like they are gym rats that works out 24/7 (this may sound exaggerated), eats a lot of food (high maintenance) then sometimes I encounter some has personal trainer/spotter pa. I'm just wondering how do they earn to sustain their bodies/needs? I'm referring to model-type bodies (not a body builder type that joins body building contest) but really are not models/actors.

and also, can you also share how do you earn to have a fit/ healthy bodies or share other people's method if may kakilala kayo...


  • blakedaddyblakedaddy Moderator PEx Moderator
    a lot of them just choose to spend their money on gym and fitness/lifestyle related stuff over other things..

    I have trainees from various occupations, professional musician, marketing consultant, IT specialist, occupational therapist specializing in pedia to name a few...

    if I may ask, ano ang nagiging worry mo?
  • kelunjikelunji PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Its like those boy racers you encounter lounging around at the carwash and gas stations... you don't need know where they get the money for their rides.
  • depende naman ata yan sa pag bbudget. You just have to know your priorities which is basically food/fitness related stuffs.
  • This is from YEARS of going to the gym. This is from meal prepping (which meal per meal is way cheaper than eating out and way healthier.) You work your regular job, but you always make time for the gym. It becomes a habit. You set aside certain days to cook for the weak, and you follow a workout schedule. I work my regular 7am-330 pm office job then when I get off I make sure to go to the gym right when I'm off. Then go home and eat. I usually cook enough food for Sunday - Thursday. Then I'll treat myself out friday/saturday. You don't need to be arnold, you can be ripped with some cheat meals in there. But I still eat smart. On Friday's I don't just eat a buncha chicken joy & fries. I'll still start my morning out with some oatmeal, then some greek yogurt. Throw in some almonds or cashews with it. Then lunch I'll have like Chipotle (Chicken bowl with brown rice, guacamole, corn, salsa.) Then probably eat the same thing for dinner. Then Saturday, I just go ham and eat terrible LOL.
  • It's all about choices and discipline. Some people choose to spend much time and money watching movies and series, sitting on the couch creating a belly. Others have other hobbies where they want to spend much time and money on, like going to the gym and stay/become fit.
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