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Showing of True Emotions Among Players During Games: Bad or Good?

mother_lilimother_lili I am Maria Sharapova ✭✭✭✭✭
We saw some players very emotional during games.
For me - sometimes bad: Kase nawawala sa focus. (look at Marano in S76 Finals Game 3.... medyo di nya nacontrol lalo na nung 5th set.

But worse --> magpakita ng fake emotions. Ang hirap siguro non... gusto mo ng magwala, yet, required kang maghappy-happy.

Pero bilib ako sa mga nagpapakita pa rin ng controlled true emotions. Masaya kung masaya... umiiyak kung nadidisappoint. Just like DLSU - di nahihiyang umiyak kapag disapoointed, at mag-angas kung kailangan.


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