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Pi - a film by Darren Aronofsky

It will be shown in De La Salle University - Manila, February 06 (Wednesday) at M406, U-break!

I haven't watched it yet but many told me that it's a nice film. After all, I became a Darren Aronofsky fan after watching Requiem for a Dream! *okay*


  • Mark Renton96Mark Renton96 Choose life... PExer
    It's in Black and white *okay*
  • monsoonmonsoon est. 1975 PExer
    a very engaging movie indeed. imo, it's better than "requiem for a dream."
  • tylerdurdentylerdurden hobbit PExer
    synopsis! anyone??
  • tEaMooNtEaMooN Pjamhead PExer
    i was about to create a thread on thinking if there are some who are familiar with this great movie (as i considered it)..ang galing ng execution e...the film's visual apprearance (shot entirely in black and white) added some flavor to its disturbing theme..basta..i don't want to spoil it..

    watch and experience this film and you will be able to determine the difference between "mathematics and numbers"
    philosophers usually play with words and logic, but mathematicians play with the logic of numbers..

    astig nito!!!

    "11:15 Restate my assumptions:

    1. Mathematics is the language of nature.
    2. Everything around us can be represented and understood through numbers.
    3. If you graph these numbers, patterns emerge. Therefore: There are patterns everywhere in nature."

    -Max Cohen
  • tEaMooNtEaMooN Pjamhead PExer
    a very engaging movie indeed. imo, it's better than "requiem for a dream."

    yeah, i absolutely agree!!!
  • ?nema?nema Road Worthy Man PExer
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