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Billboard Partners With AlgoRhythm to Launch Billboard Philippines

Billboard will soon expand into the Philippines. In partnership with AlgoRhythm Communications Inc. -- a Manila, Philippines-based communications syndicate involved in the content, curation and data analysis for multiple media platforms -- Billboard will bring to the Philippines access to print and mobile publishing, music conferences, licensed shows for radio, internet and television, as well as a new website, Billboard.ph, and the first-ever local Billboard chart for the Philippines.

The new international addition to Billboard stems from the growing industry within the Philippines, which is rapidly making its mark in the music industry. “The Philippines has always been a market where the Billboard brand has been incredibly popular; our online traffic in the region is consistently over-indexing,” said John Amato, co-president of Billboard.

Jonathan Serbin, head of Asia for Billboard, calls the music culture in the Philippines “vibrant” and the mass following behind it the cause of Billboard’s next step in global reach. The goal of the expansion was to provide direct access of Billboard to the Philippines audience so fans can immerse themselves in a wide range of great music and to discover new artists.

“Billboard has long resonated in our country as an industry leader, and now the Philippine audience has the ability to experience this brand directly. We are thrilled to partner with them,” said Jun Sy, chairman of AlgoRhythm.

Billboard Philippines comes quickly after other recent Billboard international expansions. The first ever co-branded Billboard China chart, in partnership with YinYueTai, launched early this year, while Billboard Thailand took off in March. The expansions are a result of recent brand-licensing initiatives for Billboard products, conferences and shows across Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.


We will finally have an official national music chart :bounce:


  • eddyon102eddyon102 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Yes! Finally, I've been waiting for too long. This is it!
  • Excited for this! :D

    Paano kaya nila e-base ang chart?
    my concern would be in the regional parts of the Phils.
  • erzo01erzo01 PEx Rookie ⭐
    Billboard Philippines Top 20 Artists Chart (August 2016)

    1. Yeng Constantino
    2. Kim Chiu
    3. Toni Gonzaga
    4. Sarah Geronimo
    5. Jennylyn Mercado
    6. Alden Richards
    7. James Reid
    8. Lea Salonga
    9. Nadine Lustre
    10. Donnalyn Bartolome
    11. Regine Velasquez
    12. Rachelle Ann Go
    13. Bamboo
    14. Gary Valenciano
    15. Juris
    16. Christian Bautista
    17. Julie Anne San Jose
    18. Jed Madela
    19. Silent Sanctuary
    20. Abra
  • erzo01erzo01 PEx Rookie ⭐
    By Francis Reyes - September 15, 2016

    When is the best time for one to appreciate music? You may answer “any time.” That is valid and true.

    But when is the best time to fall in love with music? Your answer may differ from mine, but we may agree that perhaps the most important period may have been our early teenage years. There we are, ready to discard our “childish ways” and feeling that we are now adults, or at least much closer to that phase in life than ever before, and militant enough to convince our parents that we understand life better than they do. The bravery, the openness, the possibilities… the world is your proverbial oyster. Eventually, you will find what you are loyal to, or at least a scene that speaks closest to you and validates your worldview. Every emotion you feel is legitimate, and every thought and big idea is the most important thing in the world.

    I liked songs as a kid, but upon entering my teens, I began searching for songs that truly spoke to me. Naturally I went to the source that offered a surfeit of options: radio.

    Somehow, I discovered Casey Kasem’s American Top 40 on an FM station that went by the call sign 99.5RT. Every Sunday, I would tune in and listen to his warm baritone as he counted down the hits and gave bits of trivia for most of the songs that made it to the weekly countdown.

    However, this is not a story about the show, the station, or even Casey Kasem himself, God rest his soul.

    Even during those days of innocence and discovery, I was wondering: who decided the list? I didn’t like every song (of course) and would be ecstatic if the ones I did like, for whatever reason I had at the time, would go up in ranking the next time I tuned in. Or would feel terrible if a tune I liked dropped a notch or three… or just disappear. Kasem would give a rundown of the dropouts and, dude, sometimes it really hurt.

    He also would say that the AT40 was based on the Billboard Charts.

    What on earth is Billboard, I wondered? That’s a thing you see on highways, right?

    I kept looking at whatever literature, and shows, I could find in print, radio, and television. I discovered other shows based on other charts. However, it was plain to see: if it’s Number One in the AT40, there was no doubt that it truly is a Number One. More importantly, the source of the AT40 made the official declaration; the other “charts shows” were medals but the AT40 was the trophy. The show was a reflection of what Billboard tallied based on radio and sales figures combined. Billboard, clearly, had final say. All the major certified stars proudly quoted Billboard results… and referenced little else.

    I asked a US-based cousin to buy and bring home a copy of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” She bought a copy for herself as well. That’s two people I know who contributed to the album’s legendary success. And, yeah, I felt I made sure he stayed at Number One.

    Today, the validation that Billboard provides still rings true. The industry has changed radically, and consumer behaviour (and media and tech) has shifted just as much. Online streaming and social media engagements are, to perhaps oversimplify, what radio, tv, and physical sales were in my generation’s (and earlier, plus at least a generation later’s) perspective. Billboard kept up with the times. Michael Jackson’s actual sales figures are different from Justin Bieber’s perhaps but both, during their respective career peaks and historical contexts, deferred/defer to the Billboard charts as nails in their competition’s coffins (at least for spells). Many charts continue to exist but Billboard still has the final word: it summarizes, scientifically then as now, the results of all the charts of importance that you can think of.

    And now, Billboard is officially present in the Philippines as BillboardPH. What does this mean?

    I will refer back to my teenage years when I innocently wondered: Where’s the PHILIPPINE Top 40? And I know I was not alone when I asked that question… not then, and not now.

    BillboardPH has, in its hands, the responsibility to do what Billboard has done since the mid-20th Century: to reflect and report on what and who music fans like. Except… we are going to reflect and report specifically what Filipino music fans are into, whether it’s Sarah Geronimo or Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber or “Tatlong Bibe,” Parokya Ni Edgar or Lamb Of God.

    It will not be easy; we are not pretending it will be.

    You are now (September 15, 2016) checking out a site that is at the foot of the foot of the foot of a metaphorical mountain (Apo or Everest? Take your pick). But we do want to make it clear that the summit is in our sights (Apo,. Then, Everest). BillboardPH also intends to map out the terrain of Philippine music: past, present, and future. It will take time. We are in the process of developing music charts not only of national concern, but regional as well. Just like you, we are looking for the next phases/faces of Filipino music. Is it a provincial act? Rock? Hip-hop? Pop? EDM? Tagalog? English? Cebuano? Kapampangan? The possibilities are practically endless.

    Whoever it will be, whatever the form he/she/they choose, BillboardPH wants to know. And, we know, so do you. After all, Billboard never decided who will be in the charts. As music fans, WE did.

    You are the music fan. You make the decision. You take your hero to Number One.

    BillboardPH will be the tallying point. And that’s just for starters.
  • jnnylynmrcdjnnylynmrcd Member PEx Expert 🎖️
  • erzo01erzo01 PEx Rookie ⭐
    By Bea Lorenzo - September 21, 2016

    People have always referred to the charts for a multitude of purposes in music—be it a radio programmer deciding what belongs on the playlist, or a customer choosing an album to purchase. With today’s practice of digital streaming, even an ordinary netizen might seek answers in the charts. Charts have proven to be heavily influential in decision-making, and share accountability for cultural shifts in the music industry.

    At the same time, charts continue to reflect human behaviour in response to current music, or at the very least, they aim to. While Billboard Magazine is deemed for many years, the absolute music industry bible, the formula for any chart that should accurately depict the listening habits, consumption, taste, lifestyle, etc. of music consumers is still evolving and continues to adapt with the times. The methods that Billboard uses to formulate the charts has changed over the course of roughly 75 years. Hence, whatever it took to be on the charts years ago, is vastly different from what it takes to be in the charts today.

    Billboard began charting in 1940. It was within that year Billboard compiled and released its very first music popularity chart and built its reputation as a leader for music charts by publishing airplay charts for each genre. By 1958, the company launched the first Billboard Hot 100 chart: a chart that ranks singles based on both airplay and sales data. The Hot 100 chart has remained indispensable to the Magazine up until this very day.


    Billboard set itself apart by relying on electronically monitored airplay data, as opposed to magazines that used data manually reported by radio stations at the end of each week. Nielsen Broadcast Data Systems, installed sound-pattern-recognition computer technology, which allowed Billboard to detect and track each spin of a recording on traditional radio.

    The magazine also creates charts based on sales data. In its early years, Billboard would rely on store clerks and managers to report sales trends. In 1991 however, Billboard welcomed a revolutionary change along with its newly employed editor-in-chief, Timothy White. It was White who proposed the Magazine’s partnership with SoundScan, which radically redesigned the way Billboard created their sales charts.



    SoundScan provided new computerized and statistically precise data, which transformed the way music was created and sold. When White employed the new technology, it was a positive breakthrough not just for Billboard but also for the duo behind the SoundScan innovation—Mike Shallet and Mike Fine. The three men together, shared the vision of providing data that accurately mirrored and gave justice to reality. The marriage between technology and the brand was a turning point in Billboard History.



    February of 2005 marked the introduction of digital sales data into the chart formula. Billboard began to rely on Nielsen Music, aka SoundScan tracks to “account for the vigorous growth that digital distribution has experienced in that span.”

    The Billboard US staff expressed in July 2007, “Billboard Hot 100 takes another step into the 21st century, […] for the first time, streamed and on-demand music becomes part of the chart’s formula. […] Billboard’s charts department has worked with Nielsen BDS to add weekly data from Yahoo and AOL to Billboard’s franchise chart.”

    Download sales and streaming plays from Spotify and Rhapsody were included in the Hot 100 equation by October 2012; and YouTube data, by January 2013. “Generally speaking, our Hot 100 formula targets a ratio of sales, airplay, and streaming.”

    Billboard US Staff Writer Ed Christman expressed last July: “It’s the worst year for music sales since the 1991 debut of SoundScan. But sales figures no longer tell the whole story of the record business. […] Executives that Billboard spoke to at the end of 2015 pointed […] to streaming as the main culprit in the sales cull, particularly song sales—and streaming is booming.”


    If there’s one thing that resisted change in the Billboard charts since day one, it’d have to be the pure dedication to mirror the truth about musical consumption, and consequently, taste—anything that strives to be a backbone to the music industry must be able to boast integrity. And therefore, as the landscape of the music industry evolves and as the way people consume music continues to change, factors driving the chart are constantly being modified to represent what is really out there.

    Musical taste can say a lot about a culture, where it came from, where it’s heading; it’s no question why Filipino taste is a matter often discussed among different players in the industry. In this small group of islands divided by seawaters, diversification is rapid—that holds true even for the music market. There is an army of music consumers and artists across the Philippines collectively crafting a story. Billboard PH seeks to tell that story on a platform called the charts.
  • erzo01erzo01 PEx Rookie ⭐
    Billboard Philippines Top 20 Artists Chart (September 2016)

    1. Yeng Constantino (1)
    2. Toni Gonzaga (3)
    3. Kim Chiu (2)
    4. Sarah Geronimo (4)
    5. Jennylyn Mercado (5)
    6. Alden Richards (6)
    7. James Reid (7)
    8. Solenn Heussaff (HOT SHOT DEBUT)
    9. Lea Salonga (8)
    10. Nadine Lustre (9)
    11. Donnalyn Bartolome (10)
    12. Bamboo (13)
    13. Regine Velasquez (11)
    14. Rachelle Ann Go (12)
    15. Parokya Ni Edgar (DEBUT)
    16. Gloc- 9 (DEBUT)
    17. Maja Salvador (DEBUT)
    18. Karylle Yuzon (DEBUT)
    19. Janella Salvador (DEBUT)
    20. Matteo Guidicelli (DEBUT)

    Our Top 20 Artists Charts rank our local music celebrities based on their popularity on select Social Media channels. The chart is not meant to reflect their success on album sales, music streams or song downloads.
  • MoonStruckMoonStruck PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Meron na palang Billboard Philippines *okay*
  • erzo01erzo01 PEx Rookie ⭐
    Billboard Philippines Top 20 Artists Chart (October 2016)

    1. Yeng Constantino (1)
    2. Toni Gonzaga (2)
    3. Kim Chiu (3)
    4. Sarah Geronimo (4)
    5. Jennylyn Mercado (5)
    6. Alden Richards (6)
    7. James Reid (7)
    8. Solenn Heussaff (8)
    9. Lea Salonga (9)
    10. Nadine Lustre (10)
    11. Donnalyn Bartolome (11)
    12. Regine Velasquez (13)
    13. Rachelle Ann Go (14)
    14. Parokya Ni Edgar (15)
    15. Gloc- 9 (16)
    16. Maja Salvador (17)
    17. Karylle Yuzon (18)
    18. Janella Salvador (19)
    19. Matteo Guidicelli (20)
    20. Bamboo (12)

    Our Top 20 Artists Charts rank our local music celebrities based on their popularity on select Social Media channels. The chart is not meant to reflect their success on album sales, music streams or song downloads.
  • QT IIQT II PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Are you sure that this is not going a BIASED chart subject to the Big Two media stations' payola tactics?

    Never knew Matteo Vermicelli can even sing?
  • MoonStruckMoonStruck PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    ^Nangangamoy 7 and 2 nga. :bounce2:
  • lee_mclinolee_mclino PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    The artists chart is all about counting the artists/singer's social media accounts followers. Not a song or albums chart. I think included in the list are those who had release a song/album - Yes Matteo had an album this year - it has a beautiful music video, the song is okay compared to other OPM songs - search: ipapadama na lang

    Hinahanap ko nga actually sina Anne Curtis at Vice Ganda sa listahan since may mga platinum albums na rin ang mga yun :lol:
    QT II wrote: »
    Are you sure that this is not going a BIASED chart subject to the Big Two media stations' payola tactics?

    Never knew Matteo Vermicelli can even sing?
  • kiddo1994kiddo1994 Member PEx Expert 🎖️
    wow.. di ko alam may billboard ph na.. sana may top 40 o 30 songs man lang, tapos billboard top 50 albums din.. para matrack natin ang mga sales... wala pa bang official chart????
  • PinkPrintPinkPrint PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I think BBPH deserves its own thread.


    [#]ItsAboutTime[/#] for the BillboardPH local charts. 5 days to go until we unveil the top songs in the country!
  • PinkPrintPinkPrint PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I'm curious kung anong gagamitin nilang parameters. Sana gaya lang rin ng ibang BB charts na may consideration ng sales, streams and radio.
  • JameauxJameaux PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Their site: http://billboard.ph/

    Wala bang Billboard PH top charts sa Spotify tulad ng sa Global?
  • PinkPrintPinkPrint PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Jameaux wrote: »
    Their site: http://billboard.ph/

    Wala bang Billboard PH top charts sa Spotify tulad ng sa Global?

    wala pa since wala pang official BBPH chart? Maybe pag maglaunch na ang BBPH chart, magkakaron din.
  • JameauxJameaux PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐

    I was there in the BBPH sound trip event in ATC on May 27-28 by the way.

    Wondering if you're affiliated with BBPH in a way?
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