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4 best attractions of Australia

Аyers Rock
Аyers Rock is red stone monolith. This rock is considered to be the world's largest single stone and a sacred place for the Australian Aborigines. It is located 350 kilometers from the nearest town. At different times of the day Uluru takes a different color. In night time the rock is much darker than in the daytime.
The visitors can climb on 1.6 kilometers or take a walking tour around the mountain with a guide-Aborigine. To climb to the top, you can use the ancient sacred path. At the foot of the rock there are many caves and rock paintings.

Twelve Apostles
Twelve Apostles is a group of limestone rocks in the ocean near the coast of Port Campbell National Park. These rocks can be seen along the famous tourist road in Australia which name is Great Ocean Road. These rocks were formed by thousands of years of ocean work. The Twelve Apostles is one of the main attractions of Victoria State. Until 1922 it was called "Pig and piglets" but this name wasn’t attractive for tourists, that’s why it was renamed after into "Twelve Apostles".

Melbourne Museum
Melbourne Museum is of the most interesting sights of Australia. Its exhibition areas include seven galleries. There are also cinema, theater, Discovery Center and Meyer Amphitheatre Sydney. It is located in the park opposite the Carlton Royal Exhibition Complex.
You can also find here Kids Gallery that offers kids and pupils a fascinating journey into the world of fairy tales and adventure with popular characters.

Gippsland Lake
Gippsland Lake is one of the lakes located in Australia. This place is considered to be very rare, and is compared with the neon glow. The reason is the bioluminescence - the chemical reactions of life of living organisms that inhabit the waters of the lake. As a result, bioluminescence released a large amount of energy in the form of light. Some people call it one of the word’s wonders. It has been noticed that luminous effect is greatly enhanced after the floods or forest fires. Body of water is surrounded by fern forests and cliffs, which gives it a tropical look and extraordinary beauty. During periods of active glow Gippsland lakes attract a great number of scientists.

About the author: Amber Sinclair is a blogger at She likes travelling around the world and write about his adventures in his blog.

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