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[HOOQ Philippines] On The Job (6-Part Mini Series)

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The critically acclaimed On The Job will have a 6-part mini series on the streaming platform Hooq :cheers:





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    Galing naman!

    Continuation kaya ito noong story sa movie?
  • Will Piolo Pascual, Joel Torre play a part in OTJ (On The Job) mini-series?
    by Jocelyn Dimaculangan posted on June 30, 2016

    Director Erik Matti’s crime-drama OTJ (On The Job) will soon be turned into a six-part mini-series.

    This project is based on the internationally recognized film starring Piolo Pascual, Gerald Anderson, and Joel Torre.

    OTJ: The Series is the first original Filipino work produced exclusively for online streaming service HOOQ. It is a co-production between HOOQ, Globe Telecom, and Reality Entertainment, founded by Direk Erik Matti and Dondon Monteverde.

    The mini-series will be released not only in the Philippines but in nearby countries such as Thailand, India and Indonesia.

    In an interview with Direk Erik Matti on June 29, he told PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) that there is a possibility for the stars of the OTJ movie to be seen in the mini-series, which he will helm.

    Is there a possibility for the original characters to have cameos in OTJ: The Series?

    "We are toying with an idea but I am not specifying it because we are in the writing stage.

    "We are toying with the idea that the OTJ series happens at the same time as the OTJ movie.

    "During the time that the story is happening, the story of Piolo and Gerald are also happening on the side."

    In fact, Piolo was enthusiastic about being part of the project when he learned that Direk Erik is working on the mini-series.

    "Piolo knows about it. Gerald, I don't know.

    "I mentioned it to Piolo a month ago and sabi niya, 'Pwede ako diyan, Direk.' Sabi ko, 'Paano? Namatay ka na!'" Direk Erik said with a laugh.

    "Who knows? He could come in with a scar on his face and come in as a different person."

    How about Joel Torre, who played the veteran assassin Tatang and trained Gerald's character in movie?

    "We're still tackling the prisoner being brought out of prison. We're not yet sure if we're tackling Tatang because he was such a strong character in the original film.

    "Maybe in the series, if you see his face, everyone is going to think it's about him when in fact, the whole focus is on the media.

    "We're still thinking about it but there is still a character coming from prison."

    One thing is sure though: OTJ: The Series will tackle shocking but true stories about the Philippine media.

    "It follows the same world as the original On The Job.

    "It follows the same world of corruption, people trying to stay alive and survive, people trying to redeem themselves."

    When asked to differentiate the mini-series from the original movie, Direk Erik pointed out: "This time, the idea will revolve around the media.

    "There will be a radio personality, one from social media, one from a major TV network, and it will be linked to government as well. We're tackling things that some know about the media but we are showing some things that are really, really hidden...and shocking.

    "The ideas are all about the media."

    Production of the six-episode story will kick off this month. They have yet to cast the stars of the project.

    According to Direk Erik, they are hoping to release OTJ: The Series by the third or fourth quarter of 2016.

    The award-winning film OTJ starring Piolo Pascual, Gerald Anderson and Joel Torre received a two-minute standing ovation at the Cannes Film Festival in 2013. The Filipino film was featured in the Directors Fortnight section of the 66th edition of Cannes.

    It was also screened at the Puchon International Fantastic Film Fest in South Korea where it won the Jury Prize, with Joel Torre receiving the Best Actor award.

    In 2013, it was announced that Universal Pictures optioned the rights to the Filipino crime thriller OTJ (On the Job).

    When PEP asked for updates regarding this, Direk Erik said with a laugh, "They're still working on it but knowing Hollywood, it's going to take years."
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    Part na rin nito si Jane Oineza :):)
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  • forgforg Administrator PEx Moderator
    Excited for this :D
  • Exciting! Sana mag-hit para magtuloy-tuloy 'yung ganitong format. *okay*
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    Can't wait for this! :rocker:
  • Maja Salvador dapat ang nasa role ni Bela Padilla but Maja declined because of Wildflower.
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    xzzz wrote: »
    Kasali naman si Jane dun sa On The Job mini series na gagawin ng Globe and Reality Entertainment for Hooq streaming series. Maganda project din naman yun and kumpyansa ako sa magiging quality nun. If hindi for Jane ang mainstream TV/Movie success for now then she should just hone her acting skills, magaling pa rin naman syang artista

    Looking forward rin ako for OTJ the Series *okay*
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    finally malapit na talaga ang OTJ sequel!
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    xzzz said:
    kingrei said:
    Sabi sa Wiki, may On the Job 2 pa ang Reality, this time, starring Dennis Trillo. Continuation ba to nung OTJ series nila sa iWanTV dati? And will OTJ 2 still be co-produced with an ABS outfit?
    May On The Job TV series pa nga dapat sa Hooq na di natuloy. Arjo-Bela Padilla pa naman yun with Jane Oineza din
    Sana lang this 2019 tuloy na yan... :prayer:
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