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Work Hard on yourself or Work Hard on your Job

I always my blogs in Forums and this reply really caught my attention

to know more about my blog check it here

by the way the title of my blog is “1 way to overcome worry is competence”

and here is the reply: “competence is useless if you are faced with nepotism”

And this what my answer to his reply!

Hi actually you are right if you see competence as useless because of nepotism then you are right!

We have the power of choice

Whether you are in a job, business, school or even in family there’s always politics there’s always favoritism

So would you consider your competitive edge as useless because everything is not in your favor!

example: our back to back champion in dragon boat, if they were in olympics we can have a gold, but you know why they are not in olympics because the officials in the sports committees in our country is corrupt

But does this mean they have to stop because its unfavorable

Today they are still the best and they also coach first world countries!

Or in let say in your job , in companies there’s too much politics and your company doesn’t notice you

what will you do?

A. you’ll sit down with your colleagues and complain and gossip about it

B. you choose improve yourself

C. Still ! give your best even they do not notice your hard work

D. look for opportunities where you can use your God-given talent

whatever you choose whether you see it as negative or positive it is the way you react on circumstances in your life

Now What?

Give your best in what you do, in life everything is unfair, Jim Rohn said:

work hard on yourself more than your job

You can never reach success if you want everything in your favor, Success is a preparation for everything, your character, attitude and you skills

Because God will give you success if he knows that you deserve it!

People may not notice your God-given talent but the universe knows your hard work and

when you’re ready it will be in front you and you are ready for your ride to success!

Have a Blessed Day and God Bless You!

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