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Passbook savings account or debit card?

I will be called the "new bayani" of our country soon. Before I leave, I am setting up bank accounts to ensure that I will still stay on track with my finances, while having the opportunity to save and invest for my future. With this, I am torn between having a passbook and a debit card. I can have a family member here in the Philippines to deposit on my behalf, and update my passbook, as needed. My thoughts include the security of having a debit card (considering that most of the debit cards can be opened, manage online).

Your thoughts PEX peeps, glad to hear some. :)


  • dzeemmdzeemm Man In The Mirror ✭✭
    I prefer both....
    Actually I prefer an account that offers multiple functions so I opened an all access account with security bank.

    If you plan to remit on your account, why not open a remittance account instead. It has no maintaining requirements as long as you remit to your account once a year.
  • Strong7PowerStrong7Power Member ✭✭✭✭
    I prefer BOTH.

    Same with @dzeemm, I prefer an account that offers multiple functions.

    BDO: Passbook + ATM
    BDO: Passbook + ATM + Checkbook (Account Transfer Facility, ATF)
    SB: Passbook + ATM
    SB: Passbook + ATM + Checkbook
    PSBANK: Passbook + ATM
    ChinaBank: Passbook + ATM + Checkbook
    EastWest: Passbook + ATM + Checkbook
    EastWest: Passbook + ATM
    Maybank: Passbook + ATM
    AUB: Passbook + ATM + Checkbook
    AUB: Passbook + ATM
  • FullForceFullForce Member PExer
    What banks offer Passbook+ATM here in the Philippines? BDO lang alam ko meron at exclusive pa ata sa OFWs.

    In Japan, they have that offering.

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