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so we had protected sex (condom was used) march 12 and 19, got my period march 27 (it was four days late - supposed to have it mar 23) it lasts 7 days (as normal), a bit lighter than my normal period but still nakaubos ako ng isang pack ng sanitary pad. then got my period again on time by april 23 and lasts 8 days so until april 30. still nakaubos parin ako ng isang pack. may 4, my boyfriend touches me, i was hurt (really). after my period i had my dry days for almost 4-5 days. i supposed to have my period yesterday (may 20). had my first home pregnancy test earlier it came negative. but didnt use morning urine. we never had sex again after the march 19 (so that was last). do you think i got the accurate result in my pt? If i had 4-5 days dry days it mean had my late ovulation right? So im having now a delayed period? Im not having any pregnancy symptoms exception to a bit sore breast week before my april period and last week. Super konti lang po yunsakit to the point na kung hindi ko naman pipindut pindutin hindi ako makakaramdam sakit. So meron po ako ngayon little to dry discharge. Little as in super konti lang (it is thick white), then some time it will be dry. does this mean na padating na yung period ko? Is it normal? Am i just experiencing a delayed period??

ps: im planning to induce my period thru fern c, how much dosage should i take and how long?

answers pls, docs pls help me to get rid of my worry
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