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End of Evangelion..... what does it mean?

anyone care to explain End of Evangelion? does it mean anything? or should we give up trying to make sense of it?



  • HENTAI ata yan eh!!!!!
  • Originally posted by SeCrEtO
    HENTAI ata yan eh!!!!!

    no, that was evangelion X
  • End of Evangelion (EoE) is not the eva hentai movie it was a separate movie which was meant to finally end the Neon Genesis Evangelion storyline.

    EoE explains alot of mysteries and questions which were unanswered in the tv series but at the same time raises even more.

    now if you've seen the last tv eps, you will know that they are marked as eps 25-26. likewise, EoE is also marked as eps 25-26. now you may think that EoE was made to replace the last eps of the tv series but actually its not.

    anyway, the last eps of the tv series depict the process of instrumentality (or the merging of all human souls) EoE on the other hand, depicts the events before, during and after third impact and the results of shinji's final decision after instrumentality. the final eps of the tv series occured in the minds of those undergiong insrumentality what is shown in EoE did not.

    hoped that helped. if you have any more questions feel fre to post them and i'll see if i can answer them for you
  • One of many interpretations:
    Hideaki Anno wrote a 'happily ever after ending': Episodes 25-26. Shinji and everybody else gets to go to a Heaven of their own making.
    Everybody hated it.

    Fast forward...
    Hideaki Anno writes an ending that you can spend weeks analyzing, and not get anywhere. No one can say what 'really' happens, not without making huge assumptions that may or may not have factual basis. Basically, it becomes a 'choose your own ending' show, with no actual closure.
    Everybody loves it.
    Hideaki Anno says 'F**k all the otaku.'
  • with_a_K.... that's funny! :lol:

    but i don't think everyone hated the original ending.... people just expected the series to end in a really big, climactic fashion. instead they got something introspective and mindboggling.

    but i think EoE does have closure.... it's just that i don't exactly understand what happened. what's up with Shinji and Asuka back together in the end? does it mean that Shinji chose to have people exist individually again? (koz at some point everything was one within his mind....) and if so.... does that mean Shinji and Asuka are gonna repopulate the earth? what the--!?!!

    actually, the best reaction to EoE is just that, :whatthe:
  • EoE is best appreciated when you watch it- whole downing a case of SMB :D or smoking a joint :lol: j/k

    but seropusly- there's no.... real explanation- you'll have to interpret it based on your own mindset :D
  • Check the Manga release by Viz it is said to have the good ending that wasn't or rather isn't on the serie and movie.
  • Originally posted by ozmen
    ... does that mean Shinji and Asuka are gonna repopulate the earth?

  • i heard that the last episodes of the series were somewhat suicide notes of Hideaki Anno...is there a truth in this?

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