Praying is very important. Although I knew that, when I had something easy to deal with, I lacked of praying. Recently by reading God's word and fellowshipping with other brothers and sisters, I know that everyday circumstances are arranged by God, and by experiencing these circumstances, it's the good chance to rely on God and pray, such as when I was angry with my friends because of some little frictions, firstly I should pray, and quiet my heart before God, by praying I feel much better, I didn't angry any more, from then on, I can get along well with my friends. In fact, no matter the things is big or little, we should pray and rely on God, not just when encountering big things. We need to pray often to keep the relationship with God. How do you think? Do you often pray in ordinary time?**


  • AteoAteo Non est Deus. Fac cum eo. ✭✭✭
    There was a valid experiement that showed that praying to a sack of rice has the same effects to the bidy and the mind. In fact the efficacy of the prayer to the sack of rice, in terms of granted wishes, is akso exactly the same as praying to God in heaven.

    Try it for 3 months. Money-back guaranteed. No tithing needed.
  • iskrotumiskrotum Ako si King Kong! PExer
    Paano kung sapian ng Santo Nino ang sack of rice?

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