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Pheromone: Naturally Attractive

What is Pheromone?
Pheromone or sometimes called as ectohormone, is a chemical factor excreted by animals, insects and even plants, which could be smelled or felt by other members of the same species. Members who attracted by pheromone will be lured, and its behavior, emotion as well as its physiology would be affected and create some favorable impression with respect to the one who emitted the pheromone, without being notice by the ‘victim’.
Pheromones on humans?
The term ‘Pheromone’ was introduced by two scientists named Peter Karison and Martin Luscher on 1959, used in describing the chemical reaction between animals when they are communicating. On 1980’s David Berliner and his team first tried to explore whether human has the same communication skill as animals. Until 1991, his team finally published their findings regarding pheromone effect between opposite sex human. Their research on 2000 proved what they had discovered on 1991 is correct and human does produce pheromone.
A recent study used PET (positron emission tomography) scanning technique in analyzing respondents when they were exposed to chemicals which are of the same function with estrogen and testosterone further strengthen the fact that men and women can communicate through chemical compounds, and they are pheromones.
Men and women pheromone
There are many types of pheromones in animals, plants, and insects. These different types of pheromones will of course have different functions. Aggregation is a type of pheromone which functions between organisms in selecting their mate. It also tells that women produce more pheromone than men, although men do produce sex pheromones to attract women however it is not that much as compared to women do and is not that effective. A reason for this is that the diffusing rate of pheromone is faster than to emit. While a research of Florida State University group found out that women under ovulation produce more pheromone and causes testosterone level of men to increase, however man themselves do not have any identical physiological state as women which could explain why men are easily attracted by women and are lustful to them, on the other hand we seldom find the same pheromone on women. Aside from making people sexually attractive, pheromone also acts as a factor in getting trustfulness and good impression from other, this function acts not only between different genders but also among the same sex.
Pheromone as Perfume
Of our sensory system, people usually classified olfaction as the least important. However, if this is the case, how could we explain why people spend hundreds or even thousands of Dollars on buying a possibly only twenty milliliter perfume to change their smell? Nowadays, more and more entrepreneurs and commodity businesses put more attention on perfume because they see the future of perfume in commodity industry.
With the growth in economy, people do not worry about their physical needs such as food and clothing anymore, they tend to spend more on how to make them look better. Especially on teenagers and adults, a way they use on judging how good they are is their skill on attracting more opposite sex. Perfume being a product that gives confidence to people satisfies their want.
Pheromone perfume is perfume made of pheromone and of course having the same effect which is attracting people. Having a date with crush? Wife/husband doesn’t like to have sex? Want to get good impressions from people? Meet new faces? Having business meeting? Try to spray a little pheromone perfume for men or for women to attract not only the one you want but everyone around you. Pheromone perfume, something natural smells but gets unbelievable return. Receive more than what you expected and paid for.



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