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My recent tour

In the last few days, I was at my 3 day bus tour from los angelos and it was an amazing experience of my life. During this three days tour, I visited many amazing attractions and have an enjoyable time.


  • Tourism is a good choice.:) :)
  • Well, Smile, You are right. Tourism is really a good choice and way to have fun and exciting time in life. I am a big lover of it and try to make tours in my free time. Let me know that have you any interest in traveling or not?
  • --Smile-- wrote: »
    Tourism is a good choice.:) :)

    Smile, I agree with you tourism is a good choice to have fun and see the beauties of the world to be very closely. Here I want to share a quote that
    "World is a Book and those who do not travel read only one page"
    Anyway, Do you love travel?
  • Well, Tom Jerry, I must say that you made a perfect views about the travel and can see that you are also a tourism lover. Anyway, Buddy, I want to know about your ever best tour. Will you like to tell us with brief details?
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