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Have Influence with Action

I love to read quotes and think about that quote and get some ideas out of it

I also ask people what they think of it?

with my idea and their idea I make most out of it and apply it in my life

so here’s the quote that I want to share:

If you hang around with five confident people you will be the sixth
If you hang around with five intelligent people you will be the sixth
If you hang around with five millionaires you will be the sixth
If you hang around with five idiots you will be the sixth
My thoughts on this quote is, who you hang out with will either influences you or you influence them

It the end it boils down with your decision if you will be like the people who you are with or your choose not to be like them.

If you want the best in Life hang out with the best.

Because if you stay with them you will benefit from them, you will get knowledge and understanding,

hang out with people who have been where you wanted to be.

okay I have to be honest with you, hanging out with successful people or millionaires doesn’t mean you will
be like them overnight but it takes time

you will never realize it, in the process of their influence you will think how they think you act how they act

Again like I said it begins with your decision if you want to be influenced by them

Not everybody is your Influence

You have to choose who to follow

I have friends who smoke but I don’t smoke
I have friends who gambles but I don’t gamble
I have friends who are alcoholics I’m not an alcoholics

It is your choice!

I’m not saying to leave your friends or get them out of your life

my point is here., they are still your friends and family, and you don’t have to be influenced by them, if you thought
they are not helping you grow or helping you reach your dreams you have to choose your influence

So How?

Maybe you’re looking up to people who is impossible to meet for now

for example:

My influence is Robert Kiyosaki, Brian Tracy, Joe Vitale, Winter Vee etc…

I do not personally meet these successful people but I learn from them through their books, seminars and I
apply what they teach

so by these simple way I learn from them, I am influenced by their attitude, you can look them up in YouTube and you will learn their principles to success and their actions to reach success

I also work with people who have the same vision like me, I have a friend who also into online business, so I
talk to him we exchange ideas and we are planning to make a Mind Group of internet entrepreneurs who have the same vision like ours

if you want to reach your goals you can’t do it alone you need someone to help you reach it and there
are people out there who has the same vision like you, hang out with them and help each other, like mike wolf said always in his show The American Pickers “Help me , Help You”

Hanging out with successful people is the first step the second step is taking action!

Have a Blessed Day and God Bless You!

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