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Doha to MNL to Kuala Lumpur?

hi my friend ako from doha and we are planning to have a vacation in kuala lumpur pero, sabi nya the ticket is much cheaper if he'll buy doha to mnl and then mnl to kuala lumpur. then pag uwi direct flight na sya ng kuala lumpur to doha.

anong tanong ko laang kailangan pa ba nya ng transit visa or kahit anong babayaran?
wala syang return ticket for mnl to doha

thank you!


  • btw she's not a filipino.she's holding a refugee travel document.
  • Maverick 168Maverick 168 PEx Rookie ⭐
    ^Better check with the Philippine Embassy in Doha before flying to avoid problems when she gets here.
  • kejikimchi, Kuala Lumpur is one of the most beautiful places in Malaysia. It is a capital of this country and wonderful destination for travelers. I am so hopeful that it ill be good time for you to pass through its attractions.
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