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Dad's plan

In these days, My father is making a plan to enjoy a us west coast tour to spend some quality of good fun time with my mom and pretty excited for it. I have suggest them the names of Antelope Canyon, Lake Powell and Bryce Canyon to witness the natural Beauty. What you will say about it?


  • Jamaima , If your father is thinking to go with a tour to see the beauties of USA West Coast then I must say it will be a source of inspiration for you too because there he will gonna fun time at its diverse kind of places to see and adventure things to do. I must say hiking and bike riding are one of its fun things to do in West Coast. So your father doesn't need to be worry about this tour and go for it happily.
  • Well, Tom Jerry, Ia m going to say that you have shared really an informative post with us. It help a lot for me. Now I am so sure that it will be great trip for him and he can also enjoy there hiking and camping too to enjoy more. Would you like to tell me some names of hiking trails there?
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