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(q) jedegal international mnpower ser. , inc

Good Day mga pex, kindly inform me nalang if wrong section to ha..

pa help naman po ako any feed back regarding this Agency, please...
Your immediate responds to this matter will be highly appreciated po! thank you.

Nagapply kasi ako dito sa company na to ngayon lang march 2016, so ang inaplyan ko is Factory Worker,
totoo ba na ang PF(placement fee) is 60k? (ngayon ha? kasi sa prev. comment sa other forum 100k pf wayback 2011 ), Med is 5.5k?? ngayong year na to ha..

Im not quite sure kong totoo na yong PF at Med. wala na kayang hidden fees when my interviews will go further?..

para alam ko na next move na gagawin ko kasi sa MAY palang yong interview namin..:rolleyes::rolleyes:
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