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That Feeling of Sex

There's the obvious sensation of sliding your **** in and out of a warm and moist *****. Just enough friction while also lubricated enough to be extremely titillating to your penis.

You have the visual appeal of seeing a woman before you, hair disheveled, breasts bouncing, face with a mixture of ecstasy and a slight amount of pain.

There's the aroma of sex in the air. Your pheromones mixing with hers to create a unique mixture. The scent catches you as you continue to pound away, feeling that wonderful sensation on your **** as your eyes wander all over her naked body.

Then there's a mixture of emotions. The animalistic instinct to go faster. The extreme satisfaction in knowing you are the man this woman has chosen to enter her body. The pleasure of the act itself. Your mind and instincts bounce back and forth as you bounce back and forth between thinking cognitively and acting on pure instinctual needs.

There's the feel of her skin and hair in your hands. The warmth of her body pressed against yours. The taste of her mouth, breasts, and other body parts that lingers on your tounge. Each fleshy part has a different feel in your mouth as well.

The feel of her breasts being squeezed as well as the visual pleasure that act provides. The sound of your hand slapping her ***, and the moan she unleashes after the smack. The ripples in her fat after the blow as well as the feeling of that plump buttocks against your palm.

Her hands also roam over your body. Wrapped around your neck, your back, caressing your chest. The sound of breathing heavily. Her warm breath hits you in the face or neck as she exhales deeply.

Climax. Pure bliss. No thought. No emotion. The sensation of your **** expelling your seed, the pulsating and pumping feeling as it shoots jet after jet of *****.

Exhaustion. The excitement is still there but waning as a euphoria sets in. A trickle of saliva inadvertently falls from my mouth onto her chest. She chuckles a bit at
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