♕ SARAH GERONIMO ♕ [65] The Perfectly Imperfect Popstar Royalty 13th Anniversary


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    Sell Out A Stadium… You’re A STAR. Sell Out A Stadium Two Nights in a Row… You’re a Bonafide Superstar! Thank you Popsters & Sarah fans all over the world! First in Philippine Concert Scene by a Local Artist & now a Part of History! Thank you @JustSarahG for Inspiring Us!

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    Anne Curtis-Smith ‏@annecurtissmith
    Sarah deserves everything she has right now. She'll forever be my fave popstar ❤️ Congratulations Sarah G!

    Boy Abunda ‏@BoyAbunda_
    No TV guestings. No announced celebrity guests .Just her name and the picture. THIS IS THE REAL POWER

    Boy Abunda ‏@BoyAbunda
    The only person I know who's very talented and blessed. Evidently, in sold out concerts and box office movies. Tatak Sarah Geronimo!

    Boy Abunda ‏@BoyAbunda
    I will always be proud of Sarah Geronimo for staying humble despite of huge success.

    Boy Abunda ‏@BoyAbunda_
    I remember when I called Sarah G "Phenomenal" because of the box office success of her movie w JL. Continue soaring high!

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    Philippine Concert Record Breaker. First Filipino Artist that has Back-to-Back Concert in Consecutive Days. SarahGFromTheTop TheRepeat

    "Si SARAH lang ang nakakapuno ng Araneta! Not only once but TWICE!" - PIOLO PASCUAL

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    "Sarah Geronimo's Out-Of-The-Box"

    12338503_704580642976675_193304134_n.jpg 12328186_515212171986987_1392744373_n.jpg 12277016_192396714433889_1300596989_n.jpg

    OUT-OF-THE-BOX — At 27, Sarah Geronimo has really matured… in artistry and personal life. Her singing and acting has more depth and range. And how she’s improved her hosting, connecting

    even with “The Voice” contestants. Honest but sympathetic, especially to the very young ones.

    As actress, her last few films showed she’s ready for more challenging roles, not the “pa-sweet” parts she’s been identified with.

    Sarah’s many admirers, this columnist included, hope to see her in an out-of-the-box movie, whether mainstream or indie. She’s equal to that challenge, if it can be called one.

    LET’S BE ORIGINAL — Now let’s focus on her singing as she’s mounting a concert Dec. 4 and 5 at the Araneta Coliseum, billed “Sarah Geronimo from the Top.”

    Sarah will be concentrating on original songs, those associated or identified with her. Some of them were written especially for Sarah.

    Cover songs are fine… and she’s not saying she won’t sing them. But at this point in her career, she’s taking a risk by going original. That’s also being out of the box.

    POP ICON — In the words of Viva, which discovered and built up Sarah:

    “From the Top’ is Sarah’s eighth major concert, proof of her enduring popularity and her continuing evolution as a total entertainer.

    “Sarah has come a long the way from the 14 year old with the ‘birit’ voice who captivated the judges and the audience to win the ‘Star for a Night’ singing contest in 2002.

    “She has transformed from the Pop Princess to a certified pop icon. Sarah has won accolade after accolade as a singer, movie actress, and stage performer.”

    ‘AMORE’ — Ah, let’s touch on her personal life, love in particular. “Amore” is half-Italian Matteo Guidicelli, a fine actor and athlete. A fine young man.

    Sarah’s mother, Divine, has been criticized for being too strict, not allowing her to entertain suitors. Mother’s dictum: wait for the right man at the right time.

    To be fair, the waiting paid off.

    Sarah remains coy about Matteo, but then she doesn’t have to say a word. Those beautiful eyes are the eyes of a woman in love.
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    Sarah Geronimo Pwede Nang Maging Newest Concert Queen (Nagkaroon na ng 8 Major Concert Na Pawang SRO)
    Peter Ledesma

    CVBFoleVEAA30iN.jpg CXTW5vuUkAEU8ga.jpg 12292817_786576464798227_1802682931_n.jpg

    Sang-ayon kami sa isinulat ng kapwa namin veteran lady entertainment columnist na si Tita Aster Amoyo tungkol sa korona na hawak ni Pops Fernandez bilang undisputed Concert Queen na sinusundan nina Regine Velasquez at megastar Sharon Cuneta na dapat na nilang ipasa kay Sarah Geronimo. Sa dami ng hit concerts na ginawa ay may karapatan na sa concert queen title na ‘yan.

    Sino ba ngayon sa kasabayan ng Pop Star Royalty ang mayroon nang 7th major concerts? Pangwalo ang gagawing two night concerts na “From The Top” na gaganapin sa Araneta Coliseum sa December 4 at 5. Imagine kahit ‘yung 10th Anniversary concert nito na “Perfect 10” last 2013 sa MOA Arena ay jampacked sa dami ng taong nanonood.
    Dito sa kanyang latest concert siguradong lalong mapahahanga ang lahat kay Sarah G na bukod sa mga pasabog na number na first time lang masisilayan ng kanyang fans at lahat ng gowns and other outfits na susuotin ng Pop Star Princess ay ibinagay sa kanya at sa kanyang show na gawa ng mga kilalang fashion designers sa bansa na sina Rajo Laurel, Rhett Eala at Dennis Celestial. Hindi lang ‘yan ginastusan rin ng Viva Liv (producer ng concert) ang stage na gagamitin ng singer actress. Dalawang supplier ang kanilang kinuha para magtayo ng malaking stage sa Araneta na lelevel sa isang foreign concert.
    Well noon pa man ay all-out na ang support ng kanyang Viva family kay Sarah na balita pa namin ay sobrang inspired sa ganda at laki ng preparation para sa kanyang nasabing 8th major concert. Kaya naman todo ang rehearsal ngayon ng daughter ni Mommy Divine at hindi na siya tumatanggap ng ibang trabaho para makapag-concentrate sa kanyang From the Top concert na si Paolo Valenciano ang director at Musical Director naman si Louie Ocampo.

    Hindi lang sa rehearsals nakatutok ngayon si Sarah maging sa diet nito at pagdi-gym dahil gusto niyang sexy siya at bumagay sa kanya ang mga outfit na gagamitin sa kanyang show na sold-out pareho ang Dec 4 and 5 na tickets. Dalawang beses na nagbenta ng personal sa ticket booth ng Araneta si Sarah. Marami ang pumila at nagpa-autograph sa kanya.
    As of now pagdating sa kanyang guest ay wala pa rin nababanggit ang Viva Live kaya surprising ito at malay ninyo bigla na lang bumulaga sa entablado ang papa labs ni Sarah na si Matteo Guidecelli na sinuportahan din niya sa concert nito sa Music Museum last week.
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    AUDIO JUNKIE: Sarah Covers New Ground
    by Punch Liwanag

    12357373_665879470220403_331852841_n.jpg 12331500_1661502594121465_1233893980_n.jpg 12362430_150131795349444_1223747897_n.jpg

    Since gaining freedom to be more hands-on with her music career, Sarah Geronimo has been treating her albums pretty much like audio snapshots of her life. Her latest release, “The Great Unknown,” is no different.

    From “Expressions” to “Perfectly Imperfect,” Geronimo’s songs are increasingly becoming reflections of where her head’s currently at so this set sounds personal. It also makes for interesting song choices for the 27-year-old singer, who picked songs with romantic feel and mostly ballads, like the piano-decked set opener “Unbroken,” and the strings-laden “Ako’y Para Lamang Sa’yo.” The titles speak for themselves, actually; the solo piano-based “Only For You,” and the R&B/pop-flavored “Baby You’re The Reason” all point to a woman in love.

    However, the soft sentiment doesn’t make this set a mush-fest. In fact, it’s a varied lot as far as music styles are concerned. For the first time, Geronimo features other acts whose styles are different from hers. Soft pop rock songwriter Yeng Constantino gets a song in and is featured in the Lean-On-Me themed “Kaibigan Mo.” Alt-pop band Hale seemed an unlikely pairing for Geronimo, but they get on beautifully on the slow-burning title track. Going alt-pop is good for Geronimo, who sounds wonderful on the acoustic guitar-driven “Kapit.”

    The tempo shifts near the end when the songs finally pick up. Sweet-sounding Sarah gives way to all-business pop diva on “Sabi Mo Sa Akin.” The best sounding track (as far as this writer is concerned) is the pulsating “Tala.” Written by Nica del Rosario and Emmanuel Sambayan, and produced by Jumbo ‘Bojam’ De Belen, it combines catchy choruses with Bojam’s dubstep-imbued beats. Closing the set is the bombastic-sounding electro-dance pop track “Misteryo.”

    For this album, Sarah was said to have songs from almost 60 demos – and they sound like the best 10 from local veteran songwriters such as Top Suzara and Geraldine Lim, to next-gen composers like Melvin Morallos, Hale’s Roll Martinez, Mark Villar, and slick tunesmiths Thyro Alfaro and Yumi Lacsamana. Producing the album is Viva Records’ Civ Fontanilla and Sarah Geronimo.

    The album title “The Great Unknown” may posit uncertainty, but Geronimo never sounded stylistically confident of her musical direction as she does on this one. Artistically, that’s a triumph on it’s own.

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    Career-Boosting Showcase for Sarah Geronimo
    By: Rito P. Asilo
    Philippine Daily Inquirer

    t1213sarah-geronimo.jpg 12313637_10153157873116750_6153836639268230133_n.jpg?oh=2f4c3aa426cf36ce22af09d8f70a5c88&oe=57189508 12346360_10153161382411750_3362810508623974613_n.jpg?oh=2a7a53ae4f5faf4c1b4118e4b2cf90ca&oe=56DE1AE0
    12354085_513477142158626_1940761011_n.jpg 12338496_133705010330138_1302120391_n.jpg CVwgdHqUsAAAK9C.jpg
    SARAH’S latest album isn’t just about toe-tapping froth and fun-seeking melodic frills and thrills.

    Sarah Geronimo’s 12th studio album, “The Great Unknown, has its share of inventively arranged tunes. For the most part, however, the 10-track collection is a career-boosting showcase for the Popstar Princess’ ever-expanding skills as a vocalist, as well as her continually evolving interpretive ability as a performer. The 27-year-old singer-actress evinces growth and shines even when she isn’t compelled to show off those steely pipes with attention-seeking birit notes. Sarah demonstrates this in Melvin Morallos’ “Unbroken,” which has the singer contentedly basking in the comfort of her loved one’s reassuring embrace.

    The stirring, piano-driven single’s meditative allure is amplified by a lived-in soulfulness in the singer’s rendition that is devoid of excessive, fan-pandering schmaltz. There’s more fun to be had in the finger-snapping groove of Geraldine Lim’s “Baby You’re the Reason.” With Hale, Sarah performs Roll Martinez’s radio-ready “The Great Unknown”—about the discombobulating ambiguities of romance—with verve and show-stopping gusto.

    The album isn’t just about toe-tapping froth and fun-seeking melodic frills and thrills, however: Totop Suzara’s “Ako’y Para Lamang sa ’Yo” finds Sarah wistfully pining for the man she thinks she shouldn’t have lost. Need we venture a guess whom she’s referring to? She’s even more intimate in the uneven “Only for You,” where she stresses the importance of trust in a relationship. If you’re partial to upbeat tunes, you’ll most likely enjoy the ’90s-rock embellishments in Mark Villar’s “Sabi Mo sa Akin” and the winsomely arranged “Tala,” a mid-tempo sizzler penned by Nica del Rosario and Emmanuel Sambayan that benefits from the inventive riffs of “beats-meister” Jumbo “Bojam” de Belen. The album ends on a high with “Misteryo,” an irresistible cut from the prolific singing-and-songwriting tandem of Thyro Alfaro and Yumi Lacsamana that is as noteworthy for its pounding hooks as it is for Sarah’s range-scaling ability.

    Another standout track is “Kaibigan Mo,” which is made more fascinating by Yeng Constantino’s lush and luscious counterpointing and a “relatable” theme that pays tribute to friendship—and the people who make the challenges in our complex and world-weary lives easier to bear!
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    She wants to try new and different sound. She sounds more mature, confident, indie-ish and 'foreign'. She just keeps on growing. She's unstoppable. This is Sarah G's most coherent album yet. [#]TheGreatUknown[/#]

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    12356416_1111987942146965_1206216036_n.jpg CVYPrGUUwAAgl1q.jpg cover400x400.jpeg
    TGU-Album_Front-Cover3.jpg 12317518_134787646888866_1265657421_n.jpg CVsw3ULVAAIp8JO.jpg
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    12523767_1683258371956597_1161373765_n.jpg 12357592_1658469484441352_844660992_n.jpg tumblr_nysbaooe8n1r002rno1_1280.jpg
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    CagJHfVUAAAOtW9.jpg 1168634_1712697972296064_1715888593_n.jpg 10009369_516869035159004_574645464_n.jpg
    CWdzqN0W4AAbb60.jpg 12317518_134787646888866_1265657421_n.jpg CZ2gPMTUAAEQ0i3.jpg
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    VoicePointsPHdotcom ‏@voicepoints
    Another award for @JustSarahG Minamahal is #LSSoftheYear #VoicePointsSocialMediaAwards2015 with 83.78% of votes

    VoicePointsPHdotcom ‏@voicepoints
    Truly amazing. Sarah Geronimo @JustSarahG is #OPMArtistOfTheYear #VoicePointsSocialMediaAwards2015 with 13,661 votes

    VoicePointsPHdotcom ‏@voicepoints
    @JustSarahG @mateoguidicelli is #PinoyCoupleOfTheYear #VoicePointsSocialMediaAwards2015 with 28,685 votes

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    CXjWt6JUsAA8Q0v.jpg CXjXEIKUsAELgX2.jpg CXjVReeVAAA0rrK.jpg
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    "Perfectly Imperfect" [#]28thAwitAwards[/#] Best Album of the Year, Female Performer of the Year [#]RAWRAwards2015[/#], 1st Awardee of Most Influential Female TV Personality by [#]AltaMediaIcon2015[/#], & [#]28th Aliw Awards'[/#] Best Female Performer in Mallshows

    Music Museum ‏@musicmuseumph
    Album of the Year is awarded to Sarah Geronimo's "Perfectly Imperfect." [#]28thAwitAwards[/#] #MusicMuseum... http://fb.me/4BZYhEIYU

    12353330_1683571808585485_2007896899_n.jpg 12357434_521101411405735_1676017022_n.jpg 12353214_963851913651918_23906989_n.jpg
    CV0suFJUYAE8cZ5.jpg 12357302_1699846916894397_2111833214_n.jpg 12292635_1007354862656206_1745380176_n.jpg
    CWBaX4UUsAE2jN5.jpg CV8HrAOWoAEDDvE.jpg CWF5hL6XAAE_ggN.jpg
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    Hello Asia! ‏@HelloAsiaAU
    Hello Asia Asian Artist of the Year (Public Voted) Award Winner is: Sarah Geronimo! #SarahGeronimo #HelloAsiaAwards

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    What Song Will Rule This Year's MPS PEOPLE'S CHOICE YEAR-END?

    Most Played Songs ‏@MostPlayedSongs
    Congratulations to our 3-time MPS People's Choice Year-End Champion, Sarah Geronimo!

    CWmQ-gpVAAATSVD.png CWlUxArU4AAAqK_.jpg CWAIQi1UEAAqspm.jpg
    CVrjQDpUAAAIXfw.jpg 9951822_orig.png CWlV_NqUwAAbjVl.jpg
    12331880_1695446054037083_624647344_n.jpg 12362352_1255207857838039_407881439_n.jpg 12316280_979400392119045_5634549502865660934_n.png?oh=dc5ce74183b485f43cc5683329b1d8d0&oe=56EE805A
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    Sarah's true beauty is reflected in her soul, the caring that she lovingly gives and the passion that she shows. Simply beautiful inside and out. ❤❤❤

    Sarah-Geronimo%2B(1).jpg bc576f1e698311e38acb127b55e94117_8_zpsce64a3ec.jpg CVw1WV4UYAAa5fP.png
    4937c1221efc11e3b98822000aaa0338_7_zpsc089a7cc.jpg 10665565_327304407439165_1579620578_n_zpscec7a591.jpg BQbabwGCEAA15_K_zps85ecb881.jpg
    BE12AswCYAEvN1z.jpg:large sarahgeronimo.jpg?w=593 tumblr_mrjftnv9UK1sfnjivo3_500.jpg

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