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Living and studying in California

My mom is half American. So basically 1/4 American ako, dito ako lumaki sa Phil :naughty:

She lives in California and she's planning na dun na rin ako mag-aral.

I'm currently studying at Mapúa Institute of Technology sa Intramuros. BS Chemical Engineering. :tada:

Gusto nya, either University of California-Irvine or Cypress College ako mag-aral. :sweatdrop:

Medyo natatakot/kinakabahan ako tumira sa ibang bansa and to study at either colleges. :shrug:

(Especially sa mga frat or sororities loool)

Ewan ko pero I keep on imagining na ma-a-outcast ako, hindi lang sa school.. :weep:

ANY TIPS OR TO-DOS??? :glitter: tysm


  • You won't have a maid. So everything that a maid may be doing for you now you will have learn to do yourself. Like cooking, for example, and cleaning your living space, and doing laundry. Unless your mom cooks or you live close to a Filipino store that sells them, you should probably learn how to cook your favorite dishes.

    You will need to understand and use non-metric units of measurement- an inch, a foot, a mile, a pound, a quart, a gallon, a pint, degrees Fahrenheit.

    A buck is $1, a quarter is $0.25, a dime is $0.10, a nickel is $0.05, a penny is $0.01. The listed/posted price of anything does not include the sales tax (which varies from city to city). So a $5 meal at In-N-Out is really something like $5.40. In-N-Out has the best burgers.

    Get used to looking people in the eye when you talk to them. There are words you can't use. The lips are not used to point. Get used to saying Hi/Hey/How's It Going to everyone including strangers on the street. Learn the art of small talk. But don't touch other people's babies or children. And while it's okay to ask someone what he does for a living, it is not okay to ask how much they make.

    It's a secular society. Abortion is legal. LGBT people can get married. If you see a famous person at the store, be cool and don't bother them.

    Drinking alcohol is illegal if you're not 21. They're working on applying this to cigarettes as well but that hasn't happened yet. There are very, very few public places where you can smoke.

    Visually, it will be a cleaner and more organized environment than you're probably used to. There will be a lot less people than you might expect to see- like, the malls will be "empty." There are seasons, which in SoCal means it's hottest in the summer (and still light at 8pm) and coolest in the winter (and dark by 5pm), and the hills go from brown to sort-of-green. There's snow in the mountains but not the cities. Rain is rare. Earthquakes are ordinary. There are palm trees but no coconut trees.

    You will probably need to drive. And work.
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