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Why should I go to DLSU instead of Ateneo


Found out today that I passed DCAT first choice \^_^/

However, I can't decide whether I should go to DLSU or Ateneo. I love both schools but my cousins urge me to go to Ateneo because they're Atenean. I don't have any relative who graduated from DLSU so I have no idea what is the school like. Give me reasons why I should choose DLSU over Ateneo.

TY :)


  • wouldn't you consider proximity or the course you're interested in as factors in choosing your college? :hiya:
  • Oops! I live in Taguig so both places are quite far. Approx 1.5 hours of travel time. And I wouldn't care if it's far as long as I'm getting good and quality education which both schools have so which one?

    And I'm happy with my choices of course in both schools. I took Management in Ateneo and in DLSU it's Business Administration. Both courses are similar right? So I wouldn't mind.

    I'm interested to know about the facilities, orgs, student life, the workload, the budget and food trips :):):)
  • does the fact that DLSU uses a trimestral system bother you?

    when it comes to facilities, DLSU is top-notch, esp. now with the addition of the Henry Sy Hall. you won't have problems looking for places to study. for orgs, there are a lot of them that you can join so that you can interact with students from other colleges. i can't say the culture for certain as i am not from the college of business but i like to think lasallians are more laid-back, chill. :hiya:
  • I think I would do fine in a trimestral system.
    What is the culture of Lasallians anyway? They say they're party people but I'm an introvert. Will I fit in?

    And what orgs are there? Do they have like a nature or meditation org? Lol

    What college are you from? Do you know anyone from College of Business? Do they say that their course is hard or the workload is heavy, etc...?

    And what are your favorite food places? :):):) Im a foodie :):):) mahal ba?
  • you'd always have someone you will get along with in DLSU, no worries about it. (not unless you really just want to be alone :lol:)

    here is the list of orgs in DLSU, go check it out and see if you are interested. before you go on your first day, you will have an orientation naman and this will involve tackling the various orgs in school.

    i know people from college of business and i believe the accountancy majors are usually more stressed out since they have to maintain a certain GPA throughout their majors. as for workload, i think tama lang yung sa business.

    oh food places! i haven't been to taft in a long time but i always loved tori box and, of course, agno for the budget-friendly meals. maraming makakainan, you just have to explore. :glee: sa estrada st, sa taft ave, and if you have long breaks, rob manila and moa. :lol:
  • Hmmm DLSU is quite fun. But before I settle for what school I should get in, I have to attend the orientation pa naman so yeah. Thanks soo much!
  • lneliouchioralneliouchiora PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Business Ad? There's no business ad in La Salle. Business Management is the proper name.

    Kahit introvert ka, you would fit in and find a place inside the school.
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