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Artist Grade Watercolor to Buy and Use?

Hi, I've been into water coloring again after years (since 4th grade, I am 25 na) of not being able to paint anything. I just purchased some student grade water colors for practice and some cheap water color paper but I am thinking to eventually purchase artist grade materials since I've been planning to gift a painting

For the brushes I just ordered Silver brushes black velvet rounds (#4 and #10) since it is essential to have rounds first and was planning to buy an Escoda squirrel mop eventually and some flats. As for the paper I plan to purchase Arches. But on the artist grade water colors though I am still quite undecided since there are lots to choose from. Can you give me some advice or a short review of what you have used among listed:
  • Winsor and Newton
  • Daniel Smith
  • Mijello
  • Schmincke

I am leaning towards Mijello because it is said to be very pigmented but not only is it expensive but it can only be ordered internationally, so there's that. Any opinions? Other recommendations?
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