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*J E N N Y L Y N M E R C A D O*




Having a healthy body and sharp mind is a necessary investment for those who want to have a flourishing career in show business. Kapuso star and leading lady Jennylyn Mercardo knows this too well that she stakes a lot not just to keep herself in top shape but to assure she looks good in and out.

“Sometimes people think that showbiz is such a perfect world but what they need to know is that this business can be very taxing most of the time and one has to be really tough to at least survive,” Mercado, She continues to show everyone what she’s made of. Sizzling hot and breathtaking, Mercado manages to reinvent herself while keeping her fans captivated.

Mercado, a mother, actress, singer, triathlete and women’s rights activist is still at the top of her game. With movie and television projects lining up, you get a sense that this girl is just getting started. True to her title she continues to be the “ultimate survivor.”

With such an unforgiving schedule, Jen reveals the one hobby that time and time again has proven to relieve unwanted stress, “Yes, I cook, yun ang therapy ko,” says Jennylyn, the host of Sarap with Family on GMA News TV.

Its amazing how she manages to set quality time for herself and her unico hijo—to make sure she prioritizes the important things in her life while juggling in between her busy schedule to attend to her commitments and engagements at the same time.

The 27-year-old-actress has been dealt with countless ordeals, both personal and professional. We’ve seen Mercado go through her fair share of heartbreaks, her resilient nature proved to be the key in coming out of the media circus, unscathed. A woman of strength, Mercado has dedicated much of her time to the advancement of women’s rights. In 2012 she was awarded by Gabriela (well-known women’s organization) an award of recognition for advocating for women’s issues, a cause dear for the star.

“As an actress it’s always expected of me to always look good and project a positive image to the public. However, that’s not what drives me to be good in and out, I don’t care about public opinion at all, or even these mores that seem to bind everybody else. For me looking good is always personal and at least, I owe it to myself and of course my son,” she explains.

The actress continues to strive for excellence in her chosen profession. Mercado carefully selects her television and movie projects, as well as endorsements. This has served the actress well, throughout a career spanning over a decade, she has become a box-office draw, a multiawarded actress/singer and a reliable endorser. With a new teleserye and an MMFF entry (English Only Please) on her plate, she is evidently one of the hardest workingwomen in the Philippine entertainment industry today.

Looking back to her humble beginnings, Mercado has evolved into an intelligent, strong, responsible and admirable actress of her generation. One good thing about her is that she values a lot the importance of learning new things. To her it’s better than looking good cause it makes her confident.

In her free time, Mercado commits herself to various sporting activities. Taking up jujitsu and muay thai lessons were instrumental in achieving her stunning physique, a proof that hard work pays off. Currently, a budding triathlete, she has competed in Alabang and Laguna triathlons to feed her passion for the competition.

Finding time to fulfill both old and new-found passions can be draining, but Mercado, in spite of her busy schedule as an entertainer and a mother, has shown that mind over matter wins every time. She continues to amaze with her strong sense of dedication and focus.

It was 2003 when Mercado was catapulted into stardom by a talent competition, 11 years later, she is still standing tall. Already an established drama princess, Mercado has starred in quite a few drama series (I Luv NY,Super Twins, La Vendetta, Ikaw Sana,Little Star, Indio, Rhodora X), and movies (Blue Moon, Eternity, One Night Only, Rosario, The Bride and the Lover.) Considered by many to be a triple threat, Jen is also an excellent host (Showbiz Central, HOT TV, Sunday All Stars,Anak ko yan) and music artist (Letting Go, Love Is, Forever By Your Side). Her debut album, Living the Dream, was certified platinum and has sold over 30,000 units to date. Jennylyn is also a tried and tested concert performer having performed both here and abroad.

Naz Leyco with John Carlo Odchigue
Source: Manila Bulletin



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    Right there with Jennylyn just before her MMFF win

    by*Jojo Panaligan
    December 29, 2015

    When Jennylyn Mercado says she did not expect to win the Best Actress award for the movie “Walang Forever” in this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF), you better believe her.

    JENNYLYN MERCADO (Photo by Manny Llanes)

    Being one of the award presenters at the Gabi ng Parangal at Kia Theater last Sunday, we saw what Jennylyn was doing leading to her moment of victory. After being named Female Celebrity of the Night, the actress was ushered backstage where she quietly sat beside Ara Mina, another presenter. From time to time, Jennylyn and Ara would engage in chitchat but the former was ever relaxed, obviously not anticipating anything greater would happen to her that night.

    When Jennylyn called out Jericho Rosales as winner of the Best Actor plum, her expression was of genuine surprise and happiness for her co-star. She even accepted the award for him then took it backstage where she asked her personal assistant to take a picture of her holding the trophy. At the time, the Best Actress nominees were being revealed but Jennylyn wasn’t even listening. Her name was third or fourth to be called out from the list but she was checking out her phone by then, perhaps sending Jericho a photo of his trophy.

    Those around her knew better, though. One proceeded to record a video of Jennylyn. And when she was announced winner, the actress was rendered speechless. We all applauded a dazed Jennylyn making her way onstage to claim the trophy.

    Note that it’s Jennylyn’s second Best Actress win at the festival. She also won last year for her performance in “English Only, Please.”

    She told media on the red carpet after the ceremony. “Sobrang saya ko.”


    A SCENE from ‘Walang Forever’ (YouTube)

    Asked if she sees a sequel to “Walang Forever,” Jennylyn said she finds it improbable given how the story ends. “Basta panoorin niyo,” she said.

    Recall that Jennylyn got her second wind in the industry through another MMFF movie, “Rosario” in 2010. A serious role, it’s a far cry from those she tackled in “English Only, Please” and “Walang Forever” generally classified as rom-com and light drama, respectively.

    Prior to “Rosario,” some people had written off Jennylyn’s career as plummeting. But ever slowly, the actress became hot property again, and now, an even bigger celebrity.

    Jennylyn’s long-time manager, Becky Aguila, posted this message on Facebook a couple of hours after her ward won.

    “I am so blessed to manage such an amazing artist. An artist who is not only talented, but also kind, sincere, and a good person on and off screen. Congratulations @mercadojen for your back to back win for Best Actress at the MMFF awards. You definitely deserve it. I am so proud of you.”

    Read more at http://www.mb.com.ph/right-there-with-jennylyn-just-before-her-mmff-win/#um0PDvZxdw2GkTpJ.99
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    :heart: :director: O L D T H R E A D S :heart::bow:

    Jennylyn Mercado

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    JENNYLYN MERCADO: Back to Back MMFF 2014&2015 Best Actress | FHM & Hola! PH Cover T65
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    Showing Date: March 28, 2016

    JENNYLYN Mercado cannot do “My Candidate” with Derek Ramsay simply because she is being paired with John Lloyd Cruz in a new romantic comedy produced by Star Cinema and directed by controversial hitmaker Cathy Garcia- Molina. John Lloyd is Star Cinema’s top leading man who has had several hits with the likes of Bea Alonzo and Sarah Geronimo.

    Being paired with him is surely a big break for Jennylyn Mercado after she was paired with Derek in “English Only, Please”, Sam Milby in “The Prenup” and Jericho Rosales in “Walang Forever”. This indicates that her career is really on the upswing, what with her being paired with non-Kapuso actors.


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    Magazine 2016

    FHM January 2016 Cover



    Hola! January 2016 Cover



    Behind the scenes
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    Upcoming Magazine

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    Jennylyn Mercado invades Abu Dhabi


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    PEP List Teleserye Best Actress 2015 for her upbeat roles in Rhodora X

    BLOCKBUSTER Actress Guillermo 2015 for English Only Please


    MMFF 2014 Best Actress for English Only Please


    MMFF 2015 Best Actress for [#]WalangForever[/#]


    MMFF 2015 Female Star of the Night :beauty:


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    Tamang In Love
    Living The Dream
    Astig Ang Boyfriend Ko
    If I'm Not In Love With You - Jennylyn Mercado Duet with Janno Gibbs
    Pump It Up
    Kahit Sandali
    Sapat Na Ang Minsan
    The Power Of The Dream


    Tanging Ikaw
    Devil In Disguise
    Nalilimutan Mo Na Ba
    The Art Of Letting Go
    No Way
    Kaya Mo Bang Ibalik
    I'd Still Say Yes
    Pangako Mo
    Moments Of Love – featuring Janno Gibbs[/CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]


    P.S. I Love You
    Kaibigang Tunay
    Pangako Mo
    I'd Still Say Yes
    If I'm Not In Love With You
    Sapat Na Ang Minsan
    Sa Aking Panaginip
    The Art Of Letting Go
    Kahit Sandali
    Moments Of Love
    Nalilimutan Mo Na Ba
    Kaya Mo Bang Ibalik
    Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You[/CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]


    Oh Won't You Tell Me
    Don't Know What To Do (Don't Know What To Say)
    Words Get In The Way
    I Guess I'm Over You
    Maybe This Time
    If Love Is Blind
    Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough
    Tell Me
    I Don't Want To Talk About It


    Forever By Your Side
    Parang Kainlan Lang
    Ganun Na Lang Ba
    Mahal na Mahal

    2014 Album



    10 years ago, Jennylyn Mercado became the first ever StarStruck Ultimate Female Survivor. And she has come a long way since her humble beginnings in the first reality artista search on television.

    Blessed with mesmerizing beauty, acting talent and excellent singing voice, there’s no doubt that Jennylyn has become one of GMA Network’s most prized possession. In a span of 10 years, we saw her grow as an actress in various drama series like “Forever In My Heart,” “La Vendetta” and “Rhodora X.” We also witnessed how she made her mark in the music scene.

    Her debut album from GMA Records called “Living the Dream” (2004) has reached gold status. Her second album under GMA Records–“Letting Go” (2006)–has also reached gold status, as well as her fourth–“Forever By Your Side” (2012)–which is under Polyeast Records. Her third album–“Love Is…”–was released by Viva Records in 2010.

    Marking her return to GMA Records and in celebration of her 10th showbiz anniversary, Jennylyn is launching her sixth studio album called “Never Alone.” The album contains 11 songs, three of which are revivals and duets with fellow Kapuso artists.

    The album contains songs that will forever immortalize love stories in GMA teleseryes. The carrier single, “Basta’t Nandito Ka” is being used as the theme song for the Koreanovela, Return of the Wife, while the song, “Kaya Ko Na” is the secondary theme song in the GMA Telebabad series, My Destiny. The song, “Sa Hatinggabi” which was also used in Rhodora X is part of the album as well.

    The Kapuso star also gave her own rendition of the Ella May Saison hit, “’Til My Heartaches End”. Furthermore, she collaborated with King of Soul, Janno Gibbs for “Never Gonna Let You Go” and with former boyfriend, Dennis Trillo for “After All”.

    "Sana, the OST of Legendary Women in Hearts of Asia"

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    Sports and Hobbies



    Jui Jitsu








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    Jen's Love of her Life


    Mommy Lydia




    Jazz's Seventh Birthday


    Treasured Friends






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    Top 10 reasons why Jennylyn Mercado is today’s prime actress


    Kapuso Actress Jennylyn Mercado started her popularity when she won as the first “Ultimate Female Survivor” in GMA Network’s “Starstruck”. Now she is one of the most successful actress and sought after leading lady.

    But what makes Jennylyn Mercado as today’s prime actress? Here’s our top ten (10) reasons why.

    1.*Jennylyn stays humble and very down to earth.

    Being “Sikat” (popular) never made her arrogant. Unlike other celebrities who are more concern in having big houses and all the luxuries, *Jennylyn prefers living a simple life.

    One of*the example*is her recent instagram post*whereshe*posted*a picture riding a jeepney with her friends.

    “Para po! Eto ang highlight ang trip na to! Ang pagsakay sa Jeep! ang saya…” The*Prime*actress*captioned her instagram photo

    2.*Jennylyn Mercado*is also the “Queen of Time Management”


    Its amazing how she can have time for everything. Being a hands on mom to Jazz and a full time actress while living a healthy lifestyle. She*maintains her body by taking up new and different sports activities.

    When asked how she manages to do everything despite her busy schedule,

    “Hindi ko alam, basta ako kasi magaling ako magsingit-singit ng mga schedule. Imbes na itulog ko, gagawa na lang ako ng may katuturan. Hindi ako nag-aaksaya ng oras, hindi ko pinapahinga. Ang hirap kasi magpasok ng schedule pero kapag may libre akong oras, sinisigurado ko na worth it ‘yung time na ‘yun. Ayokong nag-aaksaya ng oras”, Jennylyn Mercado said.

    3.*Jennylyn Mercado is known not only for her amazing acting skills but also for her good vocal talent.


    Aside from her*hit songs*in music charts and radios, Jennylyn Mercado’s pre-valentine concert titled ” Oo na! AKO na Mag Isa, Samahan nyo Naman ako!” last year , February *13, 2015 is a great success!

    Tickets were sold out in less than two weeks and earned*positive*reviews from the viewers.

    4.*Her popularity didn’t stopped her for being a fan girl


    Jennylyn Mercado can’t*hide*her excitement andhappiness*whenever when she’s with veteran actress Lorna Tolentino.

    “Kinikilig parin akong katabi si Ms LT!” , she captioned her*photo*with “Walang Forever” casts on instagram.

    5. Jennylyn Mercado is FHM’s sexiest woman in Philippines for 2015


    Jennylyn Mercado is voted*as FHM’s sexiest woman in Philippines for 2015 and bested other top favorite celebrities such as Ellen Adarna,*Andrea*Torres andAngel*Locsin.

    This is*the first time*Jennylyn Mercado topped the list of the sexiest woman in Philippines which clearly shows her growing success.

    6. Jennylyn Mercado made a back to back win as Best Actress in Metro Manila Film Festival


    Jennylyn Mercado won her second best actress award in Metro Manila Film Festival 2015 for the movie “Walang Forever”. In 2014, she also won the same award for the movie “English Only Please”.

    Aside from winning the best actress award, her recent movie with MMFF 2015 “Walang Forever” is a great success. I*took home all the major awards which are*Best Picture, Best Screenplay and Best Original Story.

    7. Jennylyn Mercado is a Triathlete

    During her free times, Jennylyn Mercado is all about sports.


    “Triathlon isn’t easy, But it’s fulfilling to finish a race. It makes all your hard work seem worthwhile. That I lost weight is just a bonus. I’ve noticed that my stamina has improved, too. I’m no longer as sickly as before.” Jennylyn Mercado said

    8. Jennylyn Mercado is an image of an extra ordinary strong woman

    Jennylyn Mercado experienced many trials and hardships in her life. She grew up as an abuse child, became a single mom at the age of twenty one (21), but none of these stopped*Jennylyn Mercado in becoming who she is right now.

    During her toughest days, we have not seen Jennylyn Mercado surrender or give up a fight. She remains strong and confident.

    9. Jennylyn Mercado*knows how to get positive results out of negative emotions


    Jennylyn *says that*her negative emotions helped her to become a better actress.

    “Kasi ang dami kong napaghuhugutan na emotions. I think blessing na rin ’yun na dumating ’yung mga ’yun sa buhay ko, kasi nakakatulong siya sa work ko ngayon”, *The Prime actress said

    10. Despite her busy schedule, Jennylyn Mercado still makes time to join public awareness programs


    She joined*the fight for Breast Cancer last October 2015 . She helped in*raising funds for the*benefit of**Philippine General*Hospital’s (PGH) Breast Care Center.
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    15 Times Jennylyn Mercado and Jazz Had the Cutest Mother-Son Photos

    posted on*January 07, 2016*by*Paula Se?a\

    Love is always in the air when mother and son are together!

    Jennylyn Mercado*is a superwoman. With numerous awards under her belt after her growing list of box-office hits, it?s safe to assume that our January cover girl has her hands full with projects, promotions, and awards nights coming at her left and right ? not to mention the two businesses she currently owns and manages. But what?s most admirable about her is that even though she is arguably the most in-demand actress in local showbiz today, she still always puts her son Jazz, at the top of her priority list.

    From simply hanging out at home or taking her seven-year-old son to mall trips or overseas, Jennylyn does it all with the main man in her life. And we simply cannot help but swoon over the precious mother-and-son love that we see so much of in her photos, proving to us that she?s not just an award-winning-actress slash entrepreneur - but a wonderfully dedicated and loving mother first.

    1. Matching pajamas never looked so adorable!


    2.*You know someone is full of love when they look at anyone the way Jen does with Jazz!


    3.*Bedtimes look to be more fun when this mom-and-son duo are around!


    4.*Seven-years-old and already full of sweetness!


    5.*Jazz seems to be taking after his mom with her love for music.


    6. As impossible as it sounds for Jen to look even more gorgeous than she normally does, she still always glows her best when she?s around her baby boy.


    7.*Kisses all around when these two are together!


    8.*When words aren?t enough to express her love for her son, Jen simply writes, ?My <3!?


    9.**?And the winner is? [#]jenandjazz[/#] [#]oneforpacman[/#]?


    10.*?? [#]myeverything[/#]?


    11.*With the amount of love present in this duo, we can understand why Jen would simply caption this with ?Beautiful Morning!?


    12.*In celebration of Jazz?s 7th*birthday, the mother-and-son duo flashes bright smiles in a set that mirrors Jen and Jazz?s love for music.


    13.*?Good Morning! <3 [#]jenandjazz[/#]?


    14.*The mom-and-son duo ups the cuteness ante with matching trendy jackets!


    15.**?<3 [#]jenandjazz[/#]?


    Photos: Instagram*(PREVIEW)
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    Magazine Collections




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    Congrats sa new house..

    As usual thanks kay Fatima. The ever-masipag shipper of Jen!!
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    ZH&K Mobile
    Avon PH
    Trinx Bicycle
    Dunkin Donuts
    GAOC Dental
    My Slim
    Pretty Looks Eyebrow
    CDO Food
    Empire - Center for Regenerative Medicine


    ZH and K Mobile





    Dunkin Donuts





    Prettylooks Eyebrows


    Trinx Bikes

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    Congrats Jen :toohappy:


    From your Avon Family

    From your Dunkin Donut Family

    From your Belo Family
    Belo Medical Group Philippines

    Congratulations to our*#BeloBaby*Jennylyn Mercado for winning MMFF 2015 Best Actress! Your whole Belo family is so proud of you! smile emoticon heart emoticon — with Jennylyn Mercado, Jennylyn Mercado and Mia Castro.

    From your Tanduay Family
    Tanduay Rhum official shared Jennylyn Mercado's photo.
    December 29

    Congratulations to our 2015 Tanduay calendar girl Ms. Jennylyn Mercado for winning once again as the MMFF 2015 Best Actress!


    From your ZH & K Mobile Family

    From your Trinx Family
    Trinx Bicycles


    Congratulations, Ms. Jennylyn Mercado for winning the Best Actress Award of the Metro Manila Film Festival 2015!

    From your Trinx Family Worldwide.
    (Photo from the Official Jennylyn Mercado page)


    From your Pretty Looks Family
    Pretty Looks

    Congratulations 🎊 Eyebrow Ambassador JENNYLYN MERCADO 💓 💕 💖 💞 for winning the BEST ACTRESS AWARD MMFF 2014&2015! We are proud of you from your PRETTYLOOKS FAMILY
    👪 My eyebrows define me- Jennylyn Mercado


    From your GAOC Dental Family

    From your Beanleaf Family



    Congratulations to our celebrity endorser Ms. Jennylyn Mercado by winning the MMFF 2015 Best Actress Award!*#bestactress

    From your My Slim Family

    From Ver Paulino Photography


    Best Picture
    Best Actress - Jennylyn Mercado
    Best Actor - Jericho Rosales
    Best Festival Screenplay
    Best Festival Original Story
    FPJ Memorial Award for Excellence
    Female Celebrity of the Night - Jennylyn Mercado


    Salamat GMA :heart:


    Bida Kontrabida San Ka Pa!

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    Find out who is the most awarded recipient of the MMFF Best Actress Award in history with 8 wins… Meanwhile, Jennylyn Mercado has just won her second MMFF award!


    As for the most awarded recipent of Best Actress award in MMFF, she’s none other than Superstar*Nora Aunor. Ate Guy grabbed the MMFF Best Actress trophy in 1978 for*Atsay*(Best Performer), 1979 for*Ina Ka ng Anak Mo, 1982 for*Himala, 1984 for*Bulaklak ng City Jail, 1990 for*Andrea Paano Ba ang maging Isang Ina?, 1991 for*Ang Totoong Buhay ni Pacita M., 1995 for*Muling Umawit ang Puso, and last year (2012) for “Thy Womb.”

    Meanwhile,*Maricel Soriano*is second to*Nora Aunor*with regards to most MMFF Best Actress wins for bagging 5 trophies–1997, 2003, 2007, and in 2011 for the movie “Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy.”

    Jennylyn is second actress after Nora to win Best Actress two years in a row.

    MMFF Best Actress*Winners*from 1975 to 2015

    1975 – Charito Solis (Araw-Araw, Gabi-Gabi)
    1976 – Hilda Koronel (Insiang)
    1977 – Vilma Santos (Burlesk Queen)
    1978 – Nora Aunor (Atsay) – BEST PERFORMER AWARDEE
    1979 – Nora Aunor tied with Lolita Rodriguez (Ina Ka ng Anak Mo)
    1980 – Amy Austria (Brutal)
    1981 – Vilma Santos (Karma)
    1982 – Nora Aunor (Himala)
    1983 – Coney Reyes (Bago Kumalat ang Kamandag)
    1984 – Nora Aunor (Bulaklak ng City Jail)
    1985 – Vivian Velez (Paradise Inn)
    1986 – Liza Lorena (Halimaw sa Banga}
    1987 – Melanie Marquez (The Untold Story of Melanie Marquez)
    1988 – Amy Austria (Bubbles: Ativan Gang Queen)
    1989 – Vilma Santos (Imortal)
    1990 – Nora Aunor (Andrea, Paano ba ang Maging Isang Ina?)
    1991 – Nora Aunor (Ang Totoong Buhay ni Pacita M.)
    1992 – Kimberly Diaz (Alyas Kanto Boy)
    1993 – Dawn Zulueta (Kung Mawawala Ka Pa)
    1994 – Gina Alajar (Shake Rattle and Roll 5)
    1995 – Nora Aunor (Muling Umawit Ang Puso)
    1996 – Amy Austria (Trudis Liit)
    1997 – Maricel Soriano (Nasaan ang Puso?)
    1998 – Alice Dixson (Sa Ngalan ng Ama)
    1999 – Elizabeth Oropesa (Bulaklak ng Maynila)
    2000 – Gloria Romero (Tanging Yaman)
    2001 –*Assunta*de Rossi (Hubog)
    2002 – Ara Mina (Mano Po)
    2003 – Maricel Soriano (Filipinas)
    2004 – Vilma Santos (Mano Po 3: My Love)
    2005 – Zsazsa Padilla (Ako Legal Wife, Mano Po 4)
    2006 –*Judy*Ann Santos (Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo)
    2007 – Maricel Soriano (Bahay Kubo, The Pinoy Mano Po)
    2008 – Anne Curtis (Baler)
    2009 – Sharon Cuneta (Mano Po 6: A Mother’s Love)
    2010 – Ai Ai delas Alas (Ang Tanging Ina Mo, Last Na ‘To!)
    2011 – Maricel Soriano (Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow)
    2012 – Nora Aunor (Thy Womb)
    2013 – Maricel Soriano (Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy)
    2014 – Jennylyn Mercado (English*Only, Please)
    2015 – Jennylyn Mercado (#WalangForever)


    Congratulations Jennylyn for winning Best Actress at the Metro Manila Film Festival for two years in a row!

    Read more at http://www.starmometer.com/2015/12/28/mmff-best-actress-winners-from-1975-to-2015/#O0rHqkyUQckC1rrp.99

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