foul smelling vagina. NEED HELP!

my friend's currently experiencing this problem & it's really bothering her. i want to help, but how? what could be its cause? this friend of mine has no idea as to how this thing happened & its really bugging her. also, the problem started just this month. it *never* occured before.

good doctors, what happened to her? what should she do? should she see a doctor? w/c one? is there something wrong w/ her? can u prescribe medications? her paranoia is getting into me too. she thinks there's something wrong w/ her. btw, i dunno if this would help, but according to her, she never experienced this problem when she wuz still a virgin... and that wuz like 4years(?) ago.

pls help. thank you very, very much.


  • FannyPriceFannyPrice la vita e bella PExer
    hey, tell her not to panic.

    tell her to march pronto to her gynecologist. it could just be b.v. (which i won't define na), which is easily curable.

    the sooner she goes, the better.
  • IraIra Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    She might have a yeast infection or some other gynecologic infection. Sorry, it's not possible to prescribe online without having to do a complete history and physical. Tell her to see a gynecologist.
  • Force_ViperForce_Viper Guardian PExer
    thank u very much for responding, Ira and FannyPrice. i do appreciate it very much.

    still regarding the problem, she called me earlier today & we talked about "it" again. accdg to her, the foul smell is "stronger" during her period (w/c btw, started a few days ago). w/ this new info, can u pls give me ur fresh assessments? i need to know coz i want to allay her fears. she's really freaking out. re the gyne, how much do they charge for cases like these? how long does 1 "session" last?

    again, i wish u thank u (in advance) dear doctors for ur help on this. in the meantime, i'll be asking her to see the gyne ASAP! thank u! thank u!
    is it not normal to girl to have that ... esp now that u've mentioned, she's not a virgin anymore .. am i right ... if that's the case, no need to worry ... though its bothering her, see a gyne ... just dunno how much it costs ...

    & tell her to wash her vagina regularly ... dont use ordinary soap but like those vaginal soaps ... *okay*
  • IraIra Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    The only thing I could glean from what you posted is that her infection is probably getting worse. As I've already said, it's not possible to identify what's causing her problem without doing a complete physical and request for some labs.

    One gynecologic consult would last 30 minutes at most. P1000 would most probably cover the PF and the tests.
  • AllyraAllyra Just visiting... PExer
    Your friend should see an ob-gyne immediately before it gets worse. The doctor will do some tests to determine what kind of infection is bothering her. If it's just a common infection, it can be easily treated. A vaginal suppository can do the work. But if it's smelly... she might need an oral medicine. I guess it's a case to case basis. Mine is a recurrent infection. So, my ob-gyne referred me to another ob-gyne who specializes in "vaginal infections". Hers need not reach that stage. Tell her not to be afraid to see a doctor. It's the only way to get rid of the embarrassing problem. :)

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