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51Talk is an online English company that specializes in providing quality English training by providing instructive exchanges between our teachers and students. Changing the online ESL setting by using a more conducive approach, we provide equal learning opportunities to Asian learners who want to acquire first-class English education.

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    In the season of giving love and care, especially to those in need, 51Talk encourages its employees to support its corporate social responsibilities. With that in mind, 51Talk is now supporting the children’s charity, Food for Hungry Minds.

    Food for Hungry Minds is a charity focused on providing education and schooling for disadvantaged kids. Its curriculum is centered on basic and applied Math, Science and English but with an ESL module, meaning students work on reading fluency while listening to native English speakers. Materials are adapted with culturally appropriate reading selections. 51Talk easily got behind Food for Hungry Minds because the ESL module is similar to what 51Talk does for its own students.

    Last week, the children of Food for Hungry Minds paid the 51Talk office a surprise visit and sang Christmas songs for everyone. 51Talk team members brought the kids gifts to show their appreciation for their presentation. The children also did a special song and dance number during the 51Talk Year-End Party which was held a few days later.

    Many companies today have heart, but no heart is bigger than 51Talk because their industry depends on making connections, building trust and inspiring people to be better than they are now.

    51Talk is the #1 online English school in the Philippines and China and its continued dedication to staying grounded and human will guarantee that it will be #1 for a very long time.​ For more details and information, visit 51Talk.com/ph.
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    We're hiring people to be a part of our training team!
  • Being a ‪#‎51Talk‬ e-Educator is fulfilling and fun, as you get to enjoy work-life balance. ‪#‎eEducatorsTestimonials‬

    -Teacher Cheriza


    Apply now via this link: http://bit.ly/1DEzuDJ
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    As part of its thrust to develop and engage its growing number of home-based online English teachers, 51Talk – the largest online English school in China and the Philippines with more than 5,000 Filipino teachers – recently rolled out the first leg of its teacher development conferences for 2016 in Angeles, Pampanga. Hundreds of 51Talk home-based online English teachers from different parts of Central Luzon attended the event.

    The conference was an excellent opportunity for the home-based online English teachers to mingle with co-teachers. They learned new things and shared best practices. It was also a night of entertainment, as the teachers proudly put on a talent show. The event culminated with the awarding of the region’s top online English teachers.

    Teacher Dalo, 30, from Angeles City, said, “Having the right attitude towards work helped me earn the Top Teacher award (for Central Luzon). I learned to teach, because I relied heavily on the trainings and family-like support that 51Talk provided.” Fittingly enough, he also won the grand raffle prize–a new laptop.

    Another Central Luzon Top Teacher awardee is Teacher Alexei, also 30 and from Angeles City. “Because of my 51Talk Lesson Support team and trainers, I am more empowered to teach,” he shared. “It’s become my habit to spend as much time as I can to teach students, and I ensure that every student receives quality time for every lesson they take with me.”

    Aside from regular events in different parts of the Philippines, 51Talk develops its online English teachers by providing full online support and continuous training. For career growth, top senior teachers can advance to home-based online trainer posts. 51Talk teachers earn based on the hours they put in and the quality of lessons they give, and by taking advantage of the different incentive programs. One can earn more than an average full-time job’s salary, while top earners can earn as much as P80,000 a month.

    Being a home-based online teacher also has other perks: you work from home and enjoy a flexible schedule. You don’t have to deal with traffic or the graveyard shift, and you save money on fuel or fare, for starters. However, 51Talk stresses that home-based online teaching is a business that you need to invest in with passion, diligence, learning, and equipment such as a headset, computer, webcam, reliable internet connection, and UPS (for blackouts).

    51Talk teachers carry a very noble responsibility. They help Chinese students learn English, which can actually change their students’ lives for the better – whether in career advancement or personal development. To learn more, visit 51Talk.com/ph.
  • 51Talk capped its fourth year of operations in the country with a series of conferences for its home-based online English teachers. It is the biggest online English school in China and the Philippines, having the largest number of students in China and more than 5,000 home-based online English teachers in the Philippines. 51Talk helps Chinese students learn English through affordable lessons on its own online platform, which enables students to select the best possible teacher for them in the Philippines for interactive one-on-one online teaching.
    It’s a game changer in making online English learning accessible to all, and this is where our Filipino 51Talk teachers take great pride in their work. They see that what they do is meaningful and fulfilling, that it can actually transform lives. Each teacher has a wonderful story to tell about how he or she has helped many students.
    Take for example, 51Talk Teacher Crossing, 47, from Angeles City, Pampanga, played a key role in helping his student, 13-year-old Gu, land second place in China’s “FLTRP Cup” National English skills competition. When students know how to write and speak English well, doors of opportunities open up in their career and personal lives. As such, they can be admitted to universities or work abroad. Teachers are instrumental to their students’ success – present and future. Indeed, teaching is one of the noblest professions.
    It must be said, however, teaching is not as easy as it may sound. Having good English communication skills may not be enough, so 51Talk ensures that all of its teachers are always well-prepared to face and teach their students through regular trainings that continuously improve their teaching skills. While teachers work at home, they enjoy flexibility of schedule. They are able to take care of their family. They are provided with a dedicated support team who gives them full online support – this is very beneficial especially to newly joined teachers. For senior teachers, the top performers can be promoted to home-based online trainers. This is why in 51Talk, there is career and development for online teachers at all levels of experience.
    The work has also made positive lifestyle changes for 51Talk teachers. Teacher Jollibelle, 31, from Batangas City, said,“What attracted me the most to becoming an online English teacher for 51Talk is the flexible time schedule which is very suitable for a full time mother like me.” Teacher Jollibelle works at home and no longer worries about commuting, traffic, and finding a nanny or leaving her baby in the care of others.
    51Talk teachers can earn more than an average full-time job’s wage. Top earners can earn as much as P80,000 a month when they take advantage of 51Talk’s incentive programs.
    51Talk gives numerous income opportunities. The work is home-based, so no matter where you are, as long as you have a good Internet connection, a computer, webcam, and headset, then you are good to teach. Experience in professional English teaching is preferred. The essentials are a good command of English and a passion for teaching. Once you have these, 51Talk will help you polish your online teaching skills and start earning money from the convenience of your home.
    Interested in becoming a 51Talk home-based online English teacher? Visit http://www.51talk.com/ph to apply.
  • If you have experience in teaching kids, apply now and be an Office-Based Online English Teacher at [#]51Talk[/#].

  • (Teacher Balin)

    Online teaching has become one of the most popular career nowadays. For example, in 51Talk, the country’s fastest growing online English Language Teaching (ELT) platform, there are currently about 6,000 online teachers and counting. As many may want to consider teaching online, one must understand that it is just as noble as classroom teaching and just as professional. Here are the most common myths and the actual truth about a craft that requires passion.

    Myth #1: Teaching online does not require a lot of skill nor training.
    Fact: While it is true that experience is not required for you to be an online English teacher, it is crucial that you develop the skills for it and receive substantial training. A person may have the gift for speaking well and confidently, but he or she may not necessarily have the capacity or demeanour to teach and listen patiently to students. You need proper training for you to have the right mind-set and develop the appropriate skill sets. In 51Talk, all the online teachers get thorough training — and it is not just a matter of knowing what and how to teach. The teachers are also taught how to motivate and encourage.

    Myth #2: You can teach any way you want and do anything you want while teaching online.
    Fact: The skill level and learning pace and style of the student must come into consideration first. You can apply your own teaching style as long as it agrees with the appropriate teaching method. Moreover, you may not be physically with the student, but you must give your full attention to him or her. The student must never feel neglected.

    Myth #3: Online teaching is not as in-depth as a personal or face-to-face tutorial.
    Fact: Online teaching does not make the lessons or your interaction with the student any less real or substantial. Provided that you use the appropriate tools, materials and teaching style, and display the right attitude, your online teaching can be just as in-depth and significantly productive as a face-to-face tutorial.

    Myth #4: Online teaching becomes a drag eventually, because you end up doing the same thing over and over again.
    Fact: Online teaching is far from being a drag because as the students evolve and improve their skill, so do your own style and skills as well. Moreover, you need to regularly review and revise teaching materials to make them new and relevant. Lastly, there is also the immense fulfilment that you get whenever you see a student improve — that will never get old and boring.

    Teaching online requires commitment, discipline, and effort, but it also promises personal and professional development and immense satisfaction. You can see for yourself how fulfilling it can be to teach online by joining 51Talk as a home-based or office-based teacher. Interested to teach with the best, visit www.51talk.com/ph.

    51Talk is the largest online English education provider in China. Operating internationally in multiple sites in China and overseas, 51Talk has millions of registered users, over 6000 online English teachers.tumblr_o3v9zlzYsC1toa6mro1_500.jpg
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    Did you know that you can work from home? Attend our free seminar on April 1st to know more.

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    Did you know that you can work from home? Attend our free seminar on April 1st to know more.

    Register now! [#]51Talk[/#]

    Do you have seminars this May?
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