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Globe's disappearing load, where does the prepaid cash go?

susmariosepsusmariosep PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
[ If you have time, you may want read the long rant below. ]

I welcome thinkers here in this Realm of Thought board to help ourselves find out where the prepaid cash go to, which we have prepaid when we buy a prepaid Globe card.

Or it got lost forever into the vast deep space and light-years time of the universe?

First, does anyone never suffer the annoying phenomenon of seeing that when you check your prepaid Globe load balance, it has become lesser than it should be?

Why lesser than it should be? Because on your immediately previous check of the balance, it was more, and you did not use your cellphone at all, in fact you have turned off your cellphone altogether, all that time until you now check your balance again, by texting bal and sending it to 222, and the return message reads to you a lower balance than previously.

Forgive me my perhaps labyrinthine English, it is not my native tongue, but you get my drift.

That is the puzzle that I am trying to solve since already from some seven months ago.

And to date I have not come to an answer that makes sense, except that Globe takes it away from us, the missing prepaid cash corresponding to the disappearing or missing prepaid load, more correctly the portion of that is gone.

And why would Globe do that?

1. It is a defect in Globe's collection or what in effect is its debiting system: you see, when you buy a prepaid card you already paid in advance, and Globe just deducts from your load as you use your cellphone to make voice calls or send text message, that is Globe collection or more correctly debiting system; and it is defective, to the advantage of Globe, in that Globe gets cash but does not perform its contracted service. It is a culpable defect: don’t blame Globe, just blame its system.

2. It is purposely done by Globe so that no matter that Globe tells its subscribers that it is doing everything to solve the problem, still it never gets solved at all.

So, dear guys here who know about disappearing or missing prepaid load, what do you say?

I have come across subscribers who like a lot of us natives of these islands here, just take it passively, as just another one of those 'evils' of life and trying to get an equitable service from service performing big businesses, just like Meralco making us honest subscribes subsidize Meralco's losses to electricity thieves, and Meralco calls its losses as system losses: don’t blame Meralco, just blame its system.


Rant from Susmariosep

Dear Globe subscribers, do you have this kind of a very annoying experience with missing Globe prepaid loads?

You see, when I just inquire for balance, it is very annoying that there are already deductions from previous balance even without any calls or texts from me the owner-subscriber of the Globe sim with prepaid load.

Who else makes these anonymous deductions if not Globe itself, and why?

Please explain, dear Globe, why, when the owner-subscriber all the time has his cellphone turned off from one balance inquiry to the next balance inquiry.

That means that Globe is making deductions even when the owner-subscriber is not using his cellphone, as his cellphone is turned off from one balance inquiry to the next, and the turned off period can be as long as for two months, but still not beyond the expiration timeline of the prepaid load.

It is obvious that Globe’s marketing people are very good at inventing all kinds of gimmicks, owing to which prepaid owner-subscribers see their prepaid load being reduced, even without their cellphone at all turned on, except to inquire on the actual balance by texting bal 222, to compare it with the immediately previous balance inquiry, and nothing whatsoever of any use by the owner-subscriber between the two balance inquiries.

It is very annoying, that the new balance shows a lower balance than the previous balance, even when the owner-subscriber has not used his cellphone at all, and even with this cellphone turned off all the time.

You ask them the guys in the Globe business office, Please tell me what are the transactions corresponding to the deductions Globe makes on the prepaid load? And these guys will tell you they have no access to such data -- that is all baloney!

So, I tell them to stop all kinds of non-invited Globe services or promotions whatever by which Globe automatically already makes deductions from my prepaid load, behind my back, i.e. even with my cellphone turned off. And they complied, but...

That will be good for just a few days, when you check the balances between periods of time with your cellphone turned off, the same balance will be indicated correctly during those few days.

After those few days, you will be annoyed again, to notice that not even having the cellphone turned on at all, when you just want to find out what is your latest balance, so you text bal 222, and what do you see? What else but that the reported balance again now shows a lower balance from the previous balance, even when all the time you have your cellphone turned off.

It is really very annoying, exasperating, because Globe insists on scamming its prepaid subscribers, with anonymous deductions for whatever kinds of dubious services and promotions their marketing experts can think up, by which services and promotions Globe will sneak in behind your back, i.e. even with your cellphone turned off, and thereby already makes deductions from your prepaid load; and you will find this out when you next inquire on your load balance, then notice that your balance has become lower, even though again, your cellphone has been turned off all the time.

Have you had, dear guys here, this kind of a most annoying, exasperating experience with Globe Telecom and its anonymous deductions of your prepaid load?

And Globe is very eloquent with this webpage asking for ideas from its subscribers on how to stop disappearing or missing loads.



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