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Hasht5 fans insulted EXO, SHINee

Okay First off all Hasht5 is a boy group that was formed in the Philippines after Chicsers.

For those who are comparing Hasht5 and EXO, SHINee... WOW! Why did you guys think of comparing a Kpop group to them, EXO and SHINee are dancers too but they sing in korean songs but Hasht5 are dancers too but they have members who knows how to sing.

HashT5 insulted other any Kpop group with hashtag on twitter ABS-CBN noontime show. "It's Showtime"



  • Just let them be.. Nagpapapansin lang yang mga yan kasi alam nilang maraming fan ng kpop. Lol. At tsaka grabe din silang laitin ng ibang kpop fans kaya siguro ganyan sila hahaha.
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