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CAR LOAN application without ITR

Hi maaccept kaya ako sa Car Loan kung wala akong ITR and job. Self employed kasi ako. Online freelancer so ang proof ko lang ay online transactions ko. Yung plan kong car ay Toyota Fortuner cost 1,385,000. Meron akong 1M sa bank ko pero kakaopen ko lang ng bank account from the past 3 months. Yung pera ko kasi hindi nakabank..kundi nasa bitcoin (if familiar kayo dun) kaya latest lang yung bank account ko.Plan ko sana magdown ng 70% ng amount ng car. Maaccept kaya yung car loan ko if Bank certificate lang ang documents ko?:naughty:


  • so you conduct some kind of freelance work and you accept bitcoin as payment?

    your only bank account is opened 3 months ago?

    by all account your application is filled with all kinds of redflags.

    However, if you throw that 1 M into a time deposit, and then put down 980,ooo as deposit with the remaining as loan payable for x amount of months,

    you can borrow BACK TO BACK from the bank. they will put that 1M on hold until you pay your debt to them
  • cash nalang siguro para wala ng madaming requirements. pagiipunan nalang yung kulang :rolleyes:
  • I am not a member to tell you something regarding your problem and really don't want to misguide you, but all I can do is suggest this site where you might get a solution to your problem. You can visit it once. You can get an employment loan and get a car and can also get the amount deducted from you salary every month.I would love to get one by using the loan under my convention collective automobile in my industry.
  • Kahit ala ka itr pede yan, bahala na si agent niyan. Madali yan sa probinsiya
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