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A thought arising from the terror attack incident in Paris

“French president Hollande said that terrorist attacks on an unprecedented scale were taking place in the Paris area. France has declared a state of emergency and closed its borders. Citizens are advised to stay home. Public places including schools are closed, and famous landmarks and attractions including the Notre Dame de Paris are in state of siege. In order to deal with this terrorist attack, an additional 1,500 troops have been mobilized. Hollande said they would fight attackers ‘without mercy.’ At present, five assailants have been killed.”

“French and Russian air strikes have killed 33 extremists in the past 72 hours

According to foreign media reports, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said French and Russian air strikes in northern Syria killed at least thirty-three ISIS militants in the last 72 hours.

SOHR said the airstrikes killed at least 33 Islamic State militants and injured about 10 people.

The Minister of Defence of France stated that French warplane had striken the Islamic State’s stronghold in Syrian for three days, and he vowed to intensify airstrikes in the coming days. After Russian officials announced that Russian airline crash was caused by air attacks, Russian military jets carried out violent airstrikes on Islamic State positions in Syria, with the flight frequency doubled and the strategic bombers used.

Russia said since they carried out airstrikes in Syria, they had accomplished over 2000 times combat flights and had destroyed over 4000 facilities of extreme organization.

Previously, Kremlin declared that Putin and French president Hollande agreed on the phone to tighten connection and cooperation in the fight against the Islamic State group.” (The information above comes from the Internet.)

After reading the news, I had a doubt in my heart: Why do people use military force to solve problems? Why do humans kill each other?

With these questions, I read Almighty God’s words, “In the beginning, I created ‘man,’ that is, mankind’s ancestor—Adam. He was with form and image and full of vitality and vigor, and even more had My glory with him. That was the glorious day I created man. Then from Adam was ‘produced’ Eve—who was also the ancestor of man. So, the men I created were full of My breath and laden with My glory. … They were the ancestors of mankind and the precious holy beings of mankind, and they were originally living men with a spirit. But the evil one has trampled and captured the offspring of the ancestors of mankind, so that the world is filled with darkness and these ‘offspring’ no longer believe in My existence. More hatefully, at the same time when the evil one corrupts and tramples ‘men,’ it ruthlessly takes away My glory, My testimony, the vitality I bestowed to men, the breath and the life I breathed into men, all My glory in the world, and all My painstaking effort on mankind. Having light no more and having lost everything bestowed by Me and discarded the glory bestowed by Me….”

“… The whole world is pitch dark and all men take occasion to fight against one another and vie with one another because of the disappearance of the light. All the nations on earth are torn apart, thus falling into the state of ‘turbidness,’ even being irretrievable. Men are all struggling in pain, groaning in pain, and wailing in pain, in hope that the light can personally come to the world again all of a sudden to end the dark days and recover the original vitality.” (from The Word Appears in the Flesh)

From Almighty God’s words, I found the answer: Man in the beginning had God’s glory with them, and such man could obey God and worship God. However, since the ancestors of mankind were tempted by serpent into eating the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, man followed Satan and thus fell into Satan’s influence of darkness. Thereafter, man began to stay away from God, evade God, and reject everything from God. People all live by the satanic philosophy “Every man for himself and the Devil take the hindmost,” and put interests above all else. They intrigue against each other and vie with each other, so do countries. They fight for every inch of land, and scramble for every bit of interests. They invade one another for land and power, and then violence occurs frequently. Living in such a dark and dangerous world, mankind spends their days in constant anxiety. Because of Satan’s corruption, the seeds of hatred take root and sprout gradually in man’s heart. Therefore, they start to produce various guns and ammunitions as well as nuclear weapons to fight the fellow men who live on the same earth, and resolve disputes by wars and suicide attacks. For this reason, so many families are separated; so many people become destitute and homeless…. Man struggles painfully and wails bitterly in this world, and hopes from the bottom of their hearts that such a life can end earlier.

When mankind kills each other, God sees it. God is unable to bear seeing mankind, who is created by Him, being devoured by Satan. So God has been watching by man’s side all the time since mankind was corrupted by Satan. In order to thoroughly save mankind from Satan’s domain, God carries out six-thousand-year management plan and does three stages of works to save man. God not only issued laws to lead man’s life on earth, but also was crucified personally for man and bore the whole mankind’s sins. Today, the Lord Jesus has returned to flesh. He is Almighty God—Christ of the last days. He has undertaken the work of judgment and purification by the word, and revealed man’s disobedient nature and the secrets hidden in man’s heart, so that man is able to know the truth of his corruption in practical life, betray his own satanic nature, and live in light. Finally, God will bring those who are saved and purified into the kingdom. In the kingdom, there are no wars, combats, or tears; people live in harmony with one another; and the earth is presented with a peaceful scene. As what Almighty God says, “With My word becoming complete, the kingdom progressively takes shape on earth, and people also progressively return to normal. Thus the kingdom in My heart is established on earth. In the kingdom, all the people recover the normal human life. It is no longer the icy winter, but a world of spring all the year round. And people no longer contact the desolation of the world or endure the coldness of the world. People do not fight against each other, and nations do not war against each other; there is no more slaughter, and there is no more blood of slaughter flowing. The whole earth is full of joy, and every place is brimming with the warmth of the world.” (from The Word Appears in the Flesh)

Source: http://www.rainbowtoken.com/why-do-we-humans-kill-each-other.html

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