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Anomalisa (2015)

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  • kysh27kysh27 Moderator PEx Moderator
    i'm curious to this film.. mukhang malakas ang laban sa Oscars.. :bungi:
  • WILL this have a local release?

  • Dark yung storya which is so different from the trailer but I still love the film.

    Other people say they were bored pero for me I was entertained all the way. It's an intellectual movie katulad ng Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind at Adaptation ni Kaufman. I love the simplicity of it, hindi masayadong OA, tama lang.

    Sana manominate siya bilang Best Picture. Kaso mukhang katulad sa Globes, hanggang best animated feature lang siya. Tapos kalaban niya pa ang Inside Out ng Pixar sa category na yun....
  • I watched it last night and I liked it a lot. I went into it knowing nothing about the film, and I was surprised at how adult-themed it was.

    It's one of those films where people will have different theories or interpretations on what actually happened.

    I hope this wins Best Animated Picture at the Oscars.
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