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Walk The 51Talk Davao


On December 5, 2015, 51Talk, the number one online English platform in China and the Philippines, held the third leg of the “Walk the 51Talk” home-based teachers’ conference in Davao City. 51Talk is the largest online English teaching platform in the Philippines with more than 4,000 home-based online English teachers across the Philippines. The conference was well-attended by hundreds of 51Talk teachers, both old and new. The teacher came from all over Mindanao, not just from Davao but from Cagayan de Oro, Surigao, Negros, General Santos City, and Zamboanga. They learned the best practices in order to succeed in their home-based online English teaching career.

VP of Philippine Operations, Jennifer Que, started off the learning conference with an emphasis on the habits that will enable teachers to take control of their career as home-based online educators. She said, “Teachers who survive and thrive in this business are those who embody the 51Talk teacher standards. Being home-based is more difficult. You have to have very strong self-discipline and you must invest in your technology, your home office, and yourself. It is your business and your success is in your hands.” Training Director Hyw Davies then gave an inspirational message about how the teachers of 51Talk are changing the game of online English education in China and how teachers can continue making an impact on their students.

Teachers Novie and Tiger, 51Talk’s top teachers in Mindanao, also shared enlightening speeches with their co-teachers on how to succeed as a home-based online English teacher.

“Getting the teachers together in a conference helps us all understand that we are one piece of a huge puzzle and how much we are affecting and making life changing experiences for people of a nation who don’t speak our language,” said Teacher Jason O’ Connor, a native speaker who has been based here in the Philippines and teaching with 51Talk for more than a year.

Teacher Yesannie, who had been borrowing a friend’s laptop for 8 months in order to teach with 51Talk, walked home with the biggest prize of the day—a brand-new laptop just for her.

51Talk has a lot more in store for its home-based teachers in the coming year to help pave the way for their success as game changers in the online English education industry. Future activities will also ensure that the 51Talk online teachers continue to “walk the 51Talk”.

Interested in becoming 51Talk’s home-based online English teacher? Visit http://www.51talk.com/ph to find out how.


  • 51Talk is a good company to work for :)
  • chinchin74 wrote: »
    51Talk is a good company to work for :)

    No it's not. If this is a good company they wouldn't spreading their advertisement in different inappropriate sections of the forum. They have high employee rate especially home based one because they are an unprofessional company with pathetic and greedy local Filipino admins. Obviously, you're an insider from the company.

    Don't believe the false advertisement of this useless company. Here's my in depth review:


    Kindly spread the word so that your family or friends will not be a victim of this company who likes ripping the home based online teachers their hard earned money.
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