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got any NO BAKE dessert recipes???

thanks much...


  • try searching at www.allrecipes.com
    they have some no-bake recipes there.
  • round up the ff:
    graham crackers
    peaches (or whatever canned fruit you like)
    all purpose cream

    puree the peaches with the cream. you can save some peach halves for the topping but it's optional. tapos i-layer mo lang sya sa graham crackers.
    when you puree the peaches, wag mo isama yung syrup. you can use the syrup to soak the crackers in para madali sya sumunod sa form ng dish mo.

    sorry wala measurements. tancha queen in the house. :chef:
  • cheenkycheenky PEx Rookie ⭐
    sounds like yung recipe namin ng bestfriend ko. sabi nya ice box cake daw yung tawag dun. pero since di naman bine-bake, tinawag ng ex ko na ice box crackers.

    ingredients are:
    graham crackers
    all purpose cream
    condensed milk
    peaches, mango slices, etc.

    mix the cream and condensed milk then pour it alternately with the crackers para maging layered sya. the cream and condensed milk mix should be on top. then put the fruit slices creatively on top. let it stay in the ref for a few hours and voila it's ready to eat. i forgot the measurements. oh well i could just txt my friend para itanong if ever.

  • refrigerator cake nman twag ng iba jan... and yeah it does taste good...

    try mo ung allrecipes.com, jan dn me punta when i luk for recipes... ang dami! bsta tngnan mo ung mraming reviews and ratings...
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