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Anybody who knows where I can buy VitaKay Tablets?

There is blood in my feces (fresh blood), because my feces was too hard, it cause bleeding to the part of *****. I had suffered this problem before and I was advice by a doctor to take VitaKay (Vitamin K) and after taking for 4 days, there were no blood in my feces after that.

But recently, after more than a year, the problem is back, there is again blood in my feces, I plan to take VitaKay again but when I go to Mercury Drug, the clerk told me that the supplier had stopped supplying them with this brand and there is no other brand with the same function.

Does anybody know where I can buy Vitakay Tablets? or if there is any other product (medicine) that have similar effects. Vitakay Tablets can cause blood clotting.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.
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