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Often climbing and camping is good for health. From the medical point of view, it has a direct benefit to man’s physical health in five aspects, such as improving eyesight, heart and lung function, and limb coordination, consuming excessive fat, delaying aging.
First, the simplest way to treat myopia is looking into the distance to relax your eye muscles. But because of industrial pollution, urban heat island effect, and other factors, a quantity of suspended particles stay in the air and urban visibility is poor. But in the mountains, especially at the peaks, you can look into the farthest distance to reduce eye strain.
Secondly, the mountain forests and grassland are far wider than the urban green plants. Therefore, walking in the mountains is very beneficial for improving lung ventilation, increasing vital capacity, improving lung function, and also enhancing cardiac contractility.
Thirdly, the daily glucose metabolism in the human body is aerobic metabolism. When people climb mountains, especially high mountains, due to the thin air, most metabolisms of the human body turn into the anaerobic. In addition, in mountaineering and camping, the amount of movement is large. Picnic in the mountains is hardly to meet the needs of the internal heat; therefore, it can consume a lot of accumulation of fat in the human body, especially the waist and abdominal fat.
Fourthly, the body's normal metabolism will produce harmful substance called free radicals. It can destroy the human cell membrane, dissolving the body's normal cells and causing the aging of human tissue or variation. But the oxygen anion radicals can effectively combine free radicals to make it excreted. Related data indicates that the unit content of oxygen anions on urban streets is just 100-300, while on the mountain forests it is up to tens of thousands. Therefore, walking in the mountains and camping can help people efficiently discharge harmful free radicals and delaying aging.
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