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Upd - shifting to bs ie!! Help :(

Hi! 2nd yr ako ngayon from cssp. Bali gusto ko sanang makapag shift next year sa IE, matagal ko na kasi tlgang gusto yon and mdyo nagka conflict last yr kaya di natuloy yung attempt ko. Gwa ko last yr was around 1.8, this was becaue o my 2 2.5 grades, math 11 and 14 pa. I believe i got better at math though after hahaha. This sem, halos GE ako na may konting majors, i think kaya ko pa **** i pull up yung 1.8. Malaki bang factor sa IE yung math grades pag nagshishift? Lol stupid question, pero legit ba na pag mababa di na nila icoconsider? :(( help senpais!


  • kelunjikelunji Member ✭✭✭
    ^Well its an engineering course so yes malaking factor ang Math.
  • levinikeelevinikee A pretty awesome guy.
    May minimum grade sa Math, Science and Technology (MST) courses para makalipat sa eng'g. You may ask for their details sa college secretary.

    But for a brief overview, I think dapat at most 2.5 ang overall GWA for your MSTs, and 1.75 (I think, but don't quote me on that) for Math 17 and its equivalent specifically. As far as I can remember, they don't take into account the rest of the GWA of the other subjects (don't quote me on that!).

    Be honest with yourself. Are you really cut out for a math-type course? I'm not scaring you or anything, but many students have taken the core Eng'g courses (ES 11, 12, 13) three times before finally deciding to give up.

    Our college right now, CSSP, might be where you belong. Think long and hard, because your department might kick you out once you apply to shift to another course!

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