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'Jesus had 2 Dads' sign removed from Catholic church after complaints

A controversial sign appearing to endorse same-sex marriage has been removed from a Catholic Church in New York.

Catholic Family News
The priest said he found the message suggestion while searching online for 'funny church signs'
"Jesus had 2 Dads and he turned out just fine," read a sign outside the St Columbia-Brigid Roman Catholic Church in Buffalo, New York. It was meant to be an encouraging message for children in the congregation who had step-parents, said the priest.

"I only had one purpose,' Roy Herberger, 73, told Yahoo Parenting. "After 48 years in the church, I see so many kids with step-parents, or even in single-family homes or being raised by grandparents, who feel that they're not as good as other kids who have a nuclear mother-and-father family.

"I've seen what that does sometimes when they're comparing themselves to that nuclear family, and I wanted to say, 'Hang in there. You're good. Things will work out for you.'

"I wanted to provide support and understanding for kids in that situation."

It was taken down after "phone calls from around the world, from callers protesting the contents of the sign" a diocese spokesperson told Buffalo News. Comments on the church's website labelled Herbeger's actions as "blasphemous" and even "demonic."

"As soon as I learned of this sign, I took immediate action to have it removed," said Bishop Richard J Malone of the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo, according to Catholic Family News.

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"It seems hard to imagine that anyone in our time not being aware of what the '2 dads' term can imply, especially since the pro-homosexual book 'Heather Has 2 Mommies' has been around since 1989," a statement said on the Catholic-based website.

Since the sign was taken down last Tuesday it has been replaced with a new sign that reads, "Walmart isn't the only saving place. Welcome." The new message has reportedly not received any new complaints.

Herberger, who said he found the sign while looking online for "funny church signs," said he would more thoughtful with his sign selection in the future.




  • Ateo
    Ateo Non est Deus. Fac cum eo.
    But the myth told us that Jesus indeed had two dads -- Dad the Father and Dad the caretaker. Sure, the caretaker never scored with His Mom, but, geez, he fed the family. He deserved the title.
  • ElCid
    ElCid Roman Catholic
    Except for the myth jab, I agree. Para masabi mo naman kahit minsan eh nagkakasundo tayo.
  • please naman ...... lahat ng babae nagkakabigote!!!
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