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Miracle: Pope's kiss helped shrink baby's brain tumor

Family believes Pope's kiss helped shrink baby's brain tumor

A kiss from Pope Francis proved to be a miracle for a sick baby in Philadelphia.

Joey and Kristen Masciantonio said that after their one-year-old daughter Gianna was kissed by the Pope, her brain tumor shrunk significantly.

Two months after the papal visit, there are barely any signs of the tumor in Gianna’s brain, the Masciantonio family told NBC Philadelphia.

“I think this is all from God. I believe the Pope is a messenger from God,” her father Joey Masciantonio said

Gianna’s blood cells attacked her brain stem just weeks after she was born and now she is left with a rare and inoperable tumor, CBS Philadelphia reported.

A scan from August shows a visible tumor in the baby’s brain, but it’s difficult to detect the tumor in the most recent November scan.

“She’s getting better and stronger,” Kristen Masciantonio said. “She’s blowing kisses. She’s starting to point at things.

The Warrington, P.A., family claims multiple interventions were attached to their Philly weekend.

Pope Francis’ body guard Domenico Giani held up baby Gianna to embrace the Pope’s kiss. And Gianna’s big brother’s name is Dominic.

The similar names were just another sign of divine intervention, the Masciantonio family said.

Gianna also met modern-day Saint Gianna’s daughter — who she was named after — during the papal weekend, according to CBS Philadelphia.

“Last year was about living in honor of her,” Joey Masciantonio said. “Now we’re going to get to live with her.”




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    One requirement to become a Saint is performing miracles. This should count if Pope Francis is nominated to be Saint.
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