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IPad’s advantages and disadvantages

Apple’s 12-inch iPad Pro has been released since Nov. 11 this year, people has shown so different opinions on this iPad. Hence, after checking out the new features, specs, highlights, pros and cons of iPad Pro, and compared to the previous iPads and other tablets, what exactly are the advantages and disadvantages of the new iPad Pro? This is what we are going to talk about in this article.


Large screen& Light and thin

IPad pro has got the largest screen of iPad series so far which is 12.9- inch, 3.2 inches larger than the 9.7 inches of iPad Air 2. As we know, the screen size of iPhone 4S is only 3.5 inches. Besides, I believe that all you guys have seen the Split-screen function from iOS 9. But in iPad Mini 4 or iPad Air 2, this function seems to make the screen very crowded, especially in 7.9-inch iPad Mini 4, the user experience is not that ideal. However, with iPad Pro, we got enough space to operate in more screens. The Split-screen function will no longer be gaudy.

Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard
The previous advertise on Apple Pencil was nearly magical, designer from Disney could directly draw on the iPad Pro, and Cook could also write calligraphy right on it. Apple Pencil is able to draw and write like a real pencil, this is actually pretty attractive.

Super-high-performance A9X
People never worry about their iDevice get stuck frequently as they do about Android products, and today the new generation A9X that has created new history has made us even more confident about this. IPad Pro has equipped with the most powerful processor, A9X. Let’s not say it’s 22 times stronger in performance than the first generation iPad, we only talk about that it’s 1.8 times stronger than the last generation, the A8X. No wonder Apple dared to say that it had surpassed 80% of portable computer’s CPU.

Amazing user experience
First of all, when you hold such a big guy in your hands, and you can still feel it’s so thin, and the weight can also be accepted. Anyway, compared to MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, the weight of 700g is so much easier to take with. And let’s talk about the screen for the next. iPad Pro’s screen is a lot more than big, its resolution has exceeded it of MacBook Pro, which is 15-inch Retina screen, as a matter of fact, in the big Apple family, its solution is only inferior to the 5K iMac. What’s more, Apple Pencil is really sensitive in reaction, we almost can’t feel the delay of it, this is just like to write or draw right on paper, and its performance in detail is satisfactory, too. Finally, we must mention about the Smart Keyboard. Thinness and refinement could be its biggest feature, this keyboard has zero gap between button and button, so we will never need to worry about the invasion of liquid and dust, and also, the practical experience feeling is totally amazing!

iOS 9
iOS 9 is the most humanized, advanced, and also, the safest mobile operating system for now. So, by taking advantages of iOS 9, iPad Pro enjoys a lot of benefits. For example, the split-screen function; the predictive touch to ensure faster response.


Charging too slow
Apple has provided a 2-meter USB Lightning charging line, this also means Apple has foreseen that iPad Pro might be used on table for a long enough time, so the line is designed to be very long, too. However, even it is 12W-high-power charger, the too long charging time is still a big problem. There were some users claimed that iPad Pro could endurance for ten hours, but it also takes four and half hours to fully charge it.

Exceedingly rely on touching
For most new users of iPad Pro, they were extremely looking forward to try some different experiences from the previous iPad. However, as a result, they found that there was no big difference at all. After all, iPad Pro doesn’t support mouse or touchpad, the only thing they could use is the shortcuts on the Smart Keyboard. Users would hope that, if want more efficient and fast, iPad Pro should consider to be supported for more peripherals, for now, it’s still too rely on touching.

Smart keyboard can’t be moved
Apple’s Smart Keyboard focuses more on fast connecting, and no need to match. But this also leads to its less in flexibility; users can only stay right aside the iPad Pro. But many users prefer to place their keyboard optionally, for this, they might have to spend long time to get used to the Smart Keyboard.

Apple Pencil’s ugly charging gesture
Lots of users complained about this. They think iPad Pro is very concise, but everything changes after matching the Apple Pencil, they don’t know where to place the Apple Pencil, and what the worst, when charging, the Apple Pencil must be stuck in the bottom of iPad Pro, honestly, this scene is far more than annoyed for people.

Still can’t replace Macbook Air
Most of iPad Pro users immediately consider to make it as the main office equipment after they bought it, and put their MacBook Air away. However, soon after that they found that iPad was still iPad, it’s still not that helpful as MacBook Air while dealing with office documents on table.
Besides, for those users who don’t put the iPad on table but on their knees, they claimed that it was very uncomfortable, indeed the iPad was big enough, but the sight is very poor, not only because Apple hadn’t adjusted its multi-angle views, but also users were worried about it might drop off from their knees all of a sudden, which was exactly like previous iPads.
In conclusion, iPad Pro is apparently not suitable for all of us. If you think the attraction of its advantages for you makes you be able to endure all the disadvantages, then just go and get it!
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