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♛JENNYLYN MERCADO: From Drama Queen to Funny Girl- #WalangForever opens Xmas Day!T63♛




:director:J E N N Y L Y N M E R C A D O :bow: *okay*


After all have been said and done about reality shows, it’s an absolute fact of life that there could only be one that stands and remains strong through all the challenges and is a rightful owner of the most-coveted Ultimate title. One undeniable instance is Jennylyn Mercado, started as young hopeful of the very first Starstruck season and through the years wowed the Philippines for her uncanny talent and the valiance she had shown amidst every conundrum, she’s continuously reinventing herself for the entertainment satisfaction of her fans.

As the Ultimate Female Survivor, we witnessed how she conquered the television and the singing realm dynamically through the changing years. She’s played different arresting roles that marked through the Filipino consciousness—may it be a superhero, a mystical princess or just an ordinary teenager with big dreams, she done it so well that it can be reflected with a very big following.


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  • Movies 2015

    Pre Nup with Sam Milby with
    Showing Date: October 14* 2015
    Cast: Sam Milby, Jennylyn Mercado Also starring Melai Cantiveros, Dominic Ochoa, Ella Cruz, Gardo Versoza Genre: Romantic Comedy



    Mother Lily, umaasang kikita rin ang No Boyfriend Since Birth tulad ng PreNup
    By: Reggee Bonoan

    KAYA naman pala masaya ang mood ng Regal Matriarch na si Mother Lily Monteverde isama pa ang anak nitong producer na si Roselle Monteverde-Teo dahil kumita ng P110-M ang PreNup movie nina Sam Milby at Jennylyn Mercado na produced ng Regal Entertainment at idinirehe naman ni Jun Robles Lana.

    Sulit ang gastos at pagod ng grupo sa New York City, USA noong nag-shooting sila. Umaasa rin si Mother Lily na kumita ang No Boyfriend Since Birth na ipalalabas na bukas, Miyerkoles na pagbibidahan nina Tom Rodriguez at Carla Abellana na si Jose Javier Reyes naman ang direktor.

    Congratulations TEAM [#]ThePreNup[/#]

  • Upcoming Movies

    Walang Forever with Jericho Rosales,
    Lorna Tolentino and Jerald Napoles

    Showing Date: MMFF 2015


    Meet the Nolasco Family - Mia, Mommy Betchay and Junjun #WalangForever #mmff2015

    Official Poster


    pepe.herrera Yes? #WalangForeverMovie #RakofAegis #Mayforever #walangforever #Forevermore #Forevergotesco @iamjnapoles

    Source: http://www.interaksyon.com/entertainment/watch-walang-forever-teaser-goes-viral-with-over-3-million-views/

    Jennylyn has also proven to be quite the box office draw as she starred in Jun Lana’s “The PreNup,” another blockbuster romantic comedy that grossed over P20 million on its opening weekend this month.

    With “Walang Forever,” audiences are also curious about the chemistry between Jennylyn and Jericho, who replaced the film’s original leading man, JM de Guzman.

    The film opens on Christmas Day, December 25. Watch the teaser here:

    English Only Please 2 with Derek Ramsay
    Showing Date: February 2016

  • Awards

    December 2014 - 2015


    PEP List Teleserye Best Actress 2015 for her upbeat roles in Rhodora X

    BLOCKBUSTER Actress Guillermo 2015 for English Only Please


    MMFF 2014 Best Actress for English Only Please

  • FHM's Sexiest Women 2015



    Votes have been cast, netizens have spoken. The winner or the 2015 FHM Sexiest Women is Jennylyn Mercado. Mercado took over the top spot from Andrea Torres and Ellen Adarna, who were leading in the votes a few weeks ago. Other names that lorded in the Top 10 were Angel Locsin, Sam Pinto, Jinri Park, Anne Curtis, Solenn Heussaff, among others.

    Mercado has been a perennial finalist in the said contest, but has lost in the final tally to GMA Primetime Queen Marian Rivera in 2013 and 2014, and Sam Pinto in 2011 and 2012. When Rivera won the title in 2013, she was expected to continue her reign for a long time. However, given her marriage to actor Dingdong Dantes and her pregnancy, Rivera begged off from the contest.

    Starting her career as the first winner of Starstruck of GMA, Mercado has appeared in various teleseryes and movies as well as endorsed a variety of products. Last year, she surprised the movie-going public with the hit movie, “English Only Please,” and by being chosen as the calendar girl for an alcoholic drink. No doubt, these recent achievements have added luster to Mercado’s career.

    The official presentation of the 2015 FHM 100 Sexiest will be done in July with the much awaited fashion walk of the finalists
  • TV Projects

    Sarap With Family Season 4


    Starstruck Season 6 as Judge





    Tamang In Love
    Living The Dream
    Astig Ang Boyfriend Ko
    If I'm Not In Love With You - Jennylyn Mercado Duet with Janno Gibbs
    Pump It Up
    Kahit Sandali
    Sapat Na Ang Minsan
    The Power Of The Dream


    Tanging Ikaw
    Devil In Disguise
    Nalilimutan Mo Na Ba
    The Art Of Letting Go
    No Way
    Kaya Mo Bang Ibalik
    I'd Still Say Yes
    Pangako Mo
    Moments Of Love – featuring Janno Gibbs[/CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]


    P.S. I Love You
    Kaibigang Tunay
    Pangako Mo
    I'd Still Say Yes
    If I'm Not In Love With You
    Sapat Na Ang Minsan
    Sa Aking Panaginip
    The Art Of Letting Go
    Kahit Sandali
    Moments Of Love
    Nalilimutan Mo Na Ba
    Kaya Mo Bang Ibalik
    Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You[/CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]


    Oh Won't You Tell Me
    Don't Know What To Do (Don't Know What To Say)
    Words Get In The Way
    I Guess I'm Over You
    Maybe This Time
    If Love Is Blind
    Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough
    Tell Me
    I Don't Want To Talk About It


    Forever By Your Side
    Parang Kainlan Lang
    Ganun Na Lang Ba
    Mahal na Mahal

    2014 Album



    10 years ago, Jennylyn Mercado became the first ever StarStruck Ultimate Female Survivor. And she has come a long way since her humble beginnings in the first reality artista search on television.

    Blessed with mesmerizing beauty, acting talent and excellent singing voice, there’s no doubt that Jennylyn has become one of GMA Network’s most prized possession. In a span of 10 years, we saw her grow as an actress in various drama series like “Forever In My Heart,” “La Vendetta” and “Rhodora X.” We also witnessed how she made her mark in the music scene.

    Her debut album from GMA Records called “Living the Dream” (2004) has reached gold status. Her second album under GMA Records–“Letting Go” (2006)–has also reached gold status, as well as her fourth–“Forever By Your Side” (2012)–which is under Polyeast Records. Her third album–“Love Is…”–was released by Viva Records in 2010.

    Marking her return to GMA Records and in celebration of her 10th showbiz anniversary, Jennylyn is launching her sixth studio album called “Never Alone.” The album contains 11 songs, three of which are revivals and duets with fellow Kapuso artists.

    The album contains songs that will forever immortalize love stories in GMA teleseryes. The carrier single, “Basta’t Nandito Ka” is being used as the theme song for the Koreanovela, Return of the Wife, while the song, “Kaya Ko Na” is the secondary theme song in the GMA Telebabad series, My Destiny. The song, “Sa Hatinggabi” which was also used in Rhodora X is part of the album as well.

    The Kapuso star also gave her own rendition of the Ella May Saison hit, “’Til My Heartaches End”. Furthermore, she collaborated with King of Soul, Janno Gibbs for “Never Gonna Let You Go” and with former boyfriend, Dennis Trillo for “After All”.

    "Sana, the OST of Legendary Women in Hearts of Asia"

  • Jennylyn Mercado wins MMFF Best Actress
    by Bianca Geli posted on December 28, 2014



    Jennylyn Mercado wins MMFF Best Actress
    According to Jennylyn Mercado, she was very nervous just before she was named Best Actress at the MMFF: "Wala na ako ibang naramdaman kundi kaba..."

    Matapos tanghalin na Best Actress ni Jennylyn Mercado para sa kaniyang role sa English Only, Please, ang kanyang Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) entry, ay binahagi niya sa media ang kaba at saya na naramdaman niya.

    Sa naganap na MMFF Awards Night sa PICC (Philippine International Convention Center) noong December 27, naikwento ni Jennylyn sa PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) at iba pang reporters na sobrang ikinagulat niya ang pagkapanalo.

    UNEXPECTED WIN. “No, no not at all. Hindi, talaga I swear hindi ko in-expect na bibigyan ako ng ganitong klaseng award. First time namin gumawa ng comedy. Nakakagulat talaga.

    “Ako, wala akong ini-expect na kahit ano e. Basta ang sa akin lang, ang wish ko lang, basta yung mga tao pagkatapos panoorin yung pelikula namin, masaya, nakangiti, na hindi nasayang yung pera nila," ang sabi ni Jennylyn.

    Nagulat din daw ang leading man niya sa English Only, Please, at MMFF Best Actor na si Derek Ramsay sa pagkapanalo nito. Wala nga silang naplanong victory party or selebrasyon.

    “Wala, hindi namin napag-usapan kasi. Tingnan mo hindi nga siya nakapunta. So kami pareho hindi nag-e-expect. Nandito ako to support my English Only family," dagdag pa ni Jennylyn.

    Puro kaba lang daw ang naramdaman ng aktres ng gabing iyon.

    “Wala na ako ibang naramdaman kundi kaba... wala nang iba. Sobrang nerbiyos ko, hindi ko na siya naririnig (the winners being called out). Nagulat ako! Sigaw ako nang sigaw dun."

    FIRST COMEDY ROLE. Unang sabak ito ni Jennylyn sa comedy kaya malaking gulat para sa kanya ang Best Actress award.

    “Kasi ngayon lang ako nagkaroon ng opportunity na makagawa ng isang comedy project, so proud ako kasi ito yung unang-una kong comedy tapos nagkaroon pa kami ng maraming award.

    “Sa totoo lang, napakahirap magpatawa, timing... mahirap siya,” dagdag ni Jennylyn.

    CHRISTMAS GIFT. Tauspuso rin ang pasasalamat ni Jennylyn sa mga tao na tumulak sa kaniya na gawin ang proyekto.*

    “Thank you Lord, thank you Lord. Hindi magiging maganda yung resulta nito kung wala yung mga talagang nag-push sa akin tsaka yung mga nagtiwala sa akin.

    “Yun nga kanina unang-una ko pinasalamatan si Lord, kasi ang ganda ng Christmas gift na ito bago isara yung taon na 'to. Talagang hindi ko in-expect, thank you po.

    “Para sa inyo 'to, para sa lahat ng mga nanood, sa lahat ng mga sumuporta."

    GOOD BEGINNING. Umaasa rin si Jennylyn na magtuloy-tuloy ang mga biyaya na dumarating hanggang sa susunod na taon.

    “Siguro ano, this is a good beginning para sa akin, kasi first acting award ko ito sa comedy. Sa comedy pa! I’m hoping na tuluy-tuloy yung rom-com.

    Ang pinakainspirasyon at pinaglalaanan niya ng nakamit na award ay ang anak na si Alex Jazz.

    “Para ito sa aking unico hijo na si Jazz. Mahal na mahal ko si Jazz,” aniya.

    ROM-COMS. Ipinahayag rin ni Jennylyn na gusto pa niya magkaroon ng iba pang romantic-comedy na mga proyekto at makapagpasaya ng mga manonood.

    “Marami pa sanang rom-com. I enjoyed it talaga, oo naman. Napakaagaan, masaya. Importante para sa amin na lumabas yung mga manonood na masaya, na hindi nasayang yung binayad nila.

    "I hope, I hope. Looking forward ako sa mga ganung projects."

    Ano sa tingin niya ang winning factor ng English Only, Please, at nakakamit nito ng maraming award?

    “Siguro yung charm, tsaka yung joy and happiness na dala namin sa mga tao.”

    Read more at http://www.pep.ph/news/46839/jennylyn-mercado-wins-mmff-best-actress#zL5RXrHp1YJw3SLx.99
  • Best Actress - Rhodora X

    HOOQ partners with PEP.ph to award today’s biggest stars

    Lifestyle, News, Recent
    June 27, 2015

    HOOQ, Asia’s first regional subscription Video-on-Demand service with the largest Hollywood and Pinoy catalogue of movies and TV series, has partnered with the Philippines’ No. 1 entertainment portal, PEP.ph, to present the winners of this year’s PEP List!

    With HOOQ, Filipinos can now enjoy over 30,000 hours of live streaming and downloads of movies and TV series. Choose from the biggest library of Hollywood content from Warner Bros., Sony Pictures Entertainment, Disney, Dreamworks Classic Media and Miramax, alongside one of largest libraries of Pinoy content from big local studios like ABS-CBN and Star Cinema, Regal Entertainment, Viva Communications, GMA, and independent film houses Quantum Films and Captive Media.

    First celebs to get HOOQ’d

    At the recently concluded PEP List event, editors of PEP.ph gave out two prestigious awards to recognize some of the country’s top talents in showbiz. The HOOQ Teleserye Actor and Actress of the Year titles were given to Gabby Eigenmann and Jennylyn Mercado for their most notable performances in well-loved teleseryes Dading and Rhodora X, respectively. In addition to Hollywood movies and TV series, HOOQ is the only online entertainment service that features the best content from top local studios, including ABS-CBN’s Imortal and Magkaribal, and GMA telenovelas such as Ang Dalawang Mrs. Real and My Husband’s Lover. This award recognizes the hard work that the actors and actresses put into honing their craft.

    Jennylyn Mercado (center) beams with pride after receiving the HOOQ Teleserye Actress of the Year award for her portrayal of Rhodora in Rhodora X. With her are (from left) HOOQ Country Manager for the Philippines Jane Walker, Content and Programming Director Jeffrey Remigio, and co-artists Rhian Ramos and Luis Alandy.
  • Advocacy

    Gabriela Ambassador


    Avon's Ambassador



    Avon's fight against breast cancer

    *Avon Kiss Goodbye to Breast Cancer Run 2015 3/5/10K (MOA)

    Avon Kiss Goodbye to Breast Cancer Run 2015 will be on October 10, 2015 in SM Mall of Asia Grounds.

    Now on its 13th year in the Philippines, Avon, the “company for women” is inviting everyone to show to the world that we are bigger than the disease through Kiss Goodbye to Breast Cancer (KGBC) campaign with this year’s theme “I Share the Fight Against Breast Cancer.”

    Avon ambassadors Jennylyn Mercado and Rocco Nacino, will join in winning the fight for those affected by breast cancer.

    You can run or walk to share the fight against breast cancer! Run away from breast cancer. Run for those affected from it. Run for a purpose!

    DENR Ocean Ambassador

    Senator Loren Legarda hopes to meet Ambassador of the Ocean Jennylyn Mercado for future environmental projects

    Senator Loren Legarda hopes to meet Ambassador of the Ocean Jennylyn Mercado for future environmental projects
    (Top) Acclaimed film director Brillante Mendoza and Senator Loren Legarda team up anew for a documentary that aims to raise awareness about Philippine marine biodiversity.

    (Inset) DENR Ambassador of the Ocean Jennylyn Mercado is being eyed by Senator Legarda to become part of her future projects that would help keep Philippine waters safe.

    “Gusto ko siyang makilala!”

    Ito ang nasambit ni Senator Loren Legarda patungkol sa Kapuso actress at TV host na si Jennylyn Mercado.

    May kaugnayan ito sa pagiging Ambassador of the Ocean ng Rhodora X star at naniniwala ang lady senator na posibleng makatulong si Jennylyn sa bago niyang adbokasiya sa pagsagip sa ating yamang-tubig.

    Piniling ambassador ng Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) si Jennylyn kamakailan, dahil sa pagiging aktibo nito sa scuba diving at iba pang watersports.

    Nakausap ng PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) si Sen. Legarda noong Abril 22, sa Museum of the Filipino People sa Manila, kung saan naganap ang launching ng kanyang video documentary tungkol sa Philippine marine biodiversity.

    Ang proyektong ito pinagtulungan nilang gawin ng internationally acclaimed director na si Brillante Mendoza, at katuwang ang DENR at Philippine Information Agency (PIA).

    Naging interesado si Sen. Legarda kay Jennylyn nang matanong ng isa pang PEP contributor na si Gorgy Rula kung aware ba ang senador sa pagiging ambassador ng actress-TV host.

    Kamakailan nga ay nagsagawa pa ng clean-up drive sa baybayin ng Anilao, Batangas si Jennylyn.

    Papuri tuloy ng senador, “Very good. Maganda ang ginagawa niya.

    "Gusto ko siyang makilala nang personal. Sige, itatanong ko sa DENR kung ano ang pwede naming magawa together (ni Jennylyn).
  • Entrepreneur

    Fit and Form

    In between her acting projects, Jennylyn Mercado keeps herself busy with her latest business, Fit and Form Club—a salon, spa, and boutique located in a three-storey building in Kamuning, Quezon City.

    Jennylyn remains hands on with her newly launched salon with her business partner Christine Riley, the Fit and Form Club.

    It is a three-in-one rest and relaxation hub, where customers can shop for ready-to-wear clothes and pamper themselves at the salon and spa upstairs.

    Jennylyn told PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) in a recent interview, “The original plan was parang fitness center, pero nag-iba ng plano.

    “People suggested na bakit hindi salon, spa, boutique.

    “Sabi ko parang puwede, tutal tatlong floors naman.

    “Paghati-hatian yung iba’t ibang klaseng stores.”

    The Kapuso star shared that she’s the one who picked the commercial space for Fit and Form Club at T. Gener corner K3rd streets in Kamuning, Quezon City.

    “Nadaanan lang namin. Nakita lang naming for rent or for sale.

    “'Tapos kinontak naming yung may-ari, wala pang nakakakuha, kami yung unang unang tumawag.”

    A self-confessed shopaholic, Jennylyn said her favorite is the boutique on the ground floor of the building.

    “Yung boutique, mahilig ako magshoppping, e.* Kapag nakikita ko yung damit, pabango, parang heaven.

    "Yung girls, ‘di ba,* yun ang hilig.”

    At the same time, she is thrilled to have her very own spa where she can relax after a long day at work.

    “Siyempre massage, kasi very stressful yung trabaho namin.

    "Sa tingin ko yun* ang pinaka okey na spa service para sa busy na tao.”

    During the blessing and soft opening of Fit and Form Club last Thursday, June 10, Jennylyn was accompanied by her mom Lydia Mercado and son Alex Jazz.

    How does her mom feel about her new investment?

    Jennylyn replied, "Siyempre masaya 'yan kasi lahat ng pinagpuyat ko, lahat ng pinagpapaguran ko, araw araw na trabaho, may kinakalagyan naman."

    Here’s a list of their salon and nail spa services:





    Beanleaf Timog Branch



    *Beanleaf Coffee and Tea, focuses on formulating variety of flavors to achieve delectable and distinct blend of drinks. Beanleaf was established to give convenience, relaxation and high quality products without the need to go to different beverage shops to have both coffee and milk tea simultaneously; It is a coffee shop and milk tea shop combined into one.


    Quantum's Fitness


    *Visit Quantum Fitness Elorde Extreme! Try Our Muay Thai, Boxing, Spinning, Yoga, Zumba and PT. 🏼🏼 See you Guys!🏼 For more info Visit our FB Page and IG. Work Out na tayo!** @Technohub
  • Jennylyn Mercado Ultimate Survivor
    Health & Fitness
    by BusinessMirror - December 19, 2014

    Having a healthy body and sharp mind is a necessary investment for those who want to have a flourishing career in show business. Kapuso star and leading lady Jennylyn Mercardo knows this too well that she stakes a lot not just to keep herself in top shape but to assure she looks good in and out.

    “Sometimes people think that showbiz is such a perfect world but what they need to know is that this business can be very taxing most of the time and one has to be really tough to at least survive,” Mercado, who is also now a member of the Tanduay family, explains.

    Mercado, Tanduay Rhum’s calendar girl for 2015, continues to show everyone what she’s made of. Sizzling hot and breathtaking, Mercado manages to reinvent herself while keeping her fans captivated.

    Mercado, a mother, actress, singer, triathlete and women’s rights activist is still at the top of her game. With movie and television projects lining up, you get a sense that this girl is just getting started. True to her title she continues to be the “ultimate survivor.”

    With such an unforgiving schedule, Jen reveals the one hobby that time and time again has proven to relieve unwanted stress, “Yes, I cook, yun ang therapy ko,” says Jennylyn, the host of Sarap with Family on GMA News TV.

    Its amazing how she manages to set quality time for herself and her unico hijo—to make sure she prioritizes the important things in her life while juggling in between her busy schedule to attend to her commitments and engagements at the same time.

    The 27-year-old-actress has been dealt with countless ordeals, both personal and professional. We’ve seen Mercado go through her fair share of heartbreaks, her resilient nature proved to be the key in coming out of the media circus, unscathed. A woman of strength, Mercado has dedicated much of her time to the advancement of women’s rights. In 2012 she was awarded by Gabriela (well-known women’s organization) an award of recognition for advocating for women’s issues, a cause dear for the star.

    “As an actress it’s always expected of me to always look good and project a positive image to the public. However, that’s not what drives me to be good in and out, I don’t care about public opinion at all, or even these mores that seem to bind everybody else. For me looking good is always personal and at least, I owe it to myself and of course my son,” she explains.

    The actress continues to strive for excellence in her chosen profession. Mercado carefully selects her television and movie projects, as well as endorsements. This has served the actress well, throughout a career spanning over a decade, she has become a box-office draw, a multiawarded actress/singer and a reliable endorser. With a new teleserye and an MMFF entry (English Only Please) on her plate, she is evidently one of the hardest workingwomen in the Philippine entertainment industry today.

    Looking back to her humble beginnings, Mercado has evolved into an intelligent, strong, responsible and admirable actress of her generation. One good thing about her is that she values a lot the importance of learning new things. To her it’s better than looking good cause it makes her confident.

    In her free time, Mercado commits herself to various sporting activities. Taking up jujitsu and muay thai lessons were instrumental in achieving her stunning physique, a proof that hard work pays off. Currently, a budding triathlete, she has competed in Alabang and Laguna triathlons to feed her passion for the competition.

    Finding time to fulfill both old and new-found passions can be draining, but Mercado, in spite of her busy schedule as an entertainer and a mother, has shown that mind over matter wins every time. She continues to amaze with her strong sense of dedication and focus.

    It was 2003 when Mercado was catapulted into stardom by a talent competition, 11 years later, she is still standing tall. Already an established drama princess, Mercado has starred in quite a few drama series (I Luv NY, Super Twins, La Vendetta, Ikaw Sana, Little Star, Indio, Rhodora X), and movies (Blue Moon, Eternity, One Night Only, Rosario, The Bride and the Lover.) Considered by many to be a triple threat, Jen is also an excellent host (Showbiz Central, HOT TV, Sunday All Stars, Anak ko yan) and music artist (Letting Go, Love Is, Forever By Your Side). Her debut album, Living the Dream, was certified platinum and has sold over 30,000 units to date. Jennylyn is also a tried and tested concert performer having performed both here and abroad.

    Naz Leyco with John Carlo Odchigue
  • TV Series

    Second Chances with Luis Alandy, Rafael Rosell and Raymart Santiago
    January - May 2015


    Jennylyn plays Lyra who loses her husband and son in a tragic incident. Raymart plays Bernard, a widower and single father grieving over the loss of his wife while longing for a complete family with Lyra. Camille plays Rebecca, Lyra’s childhood friend who resorts to taking drugs as she desperately copes with the loss of her son. Rafael plays Jerome who has always loved Lyra long before she married her late husband.

    Faithful Husband
    August - November 2015

    My Faithful Husband is a Philippine drama series directed by Joyce E. Bernal, starring Dennis Trillo and Jennylyn Mercado along with Mikael Daez and Louise delos Reyes. The drama series will premiere on GMA Network and worldwide via GMA Pinoy TV on August 10, 2015. "My Faithful Husband" succeeds The Rich Man's Daughter on the network's Telebabad primetime block. The drama series also serves as the reunion project for the loveteam of Trillo and Mercado after the series Gumapang Ka Sa Lusak

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    Jui Jitsu









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    Dunkin Obsession
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    Mommy Lydia



    Jazz's Seventh Birthday
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    ZH and K Mobile

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