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Globe users game

hardrivehardrive PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐

you will have a chance to win a whole year of globe load
100 pesos will be automatically sent to your cp number (pasa load) every month for a whole year

100% guaranteed
No gimiks
No scam
No pay
Just your time to post the last 4 numbers of you cp
The winner cant change or transfer this load to another cp
You give me a globe number and that number will be saved for a whole year

The winner will be announced on dec. 25th
And for your first load you will have 200 pesos
Remaining months will be 100 pesos per month
At the end of your last load
Ill have a surprise for you :D

Story behind this load
I have invested on a loading business
My plan was to have a load when ever i neeed it
But i over did it i guess i have to much load now :lol:
So im giving it away
Smart load will be coming soon january :D


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